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According to Fiona Hill, the media are Putin’s best friends



Back in the 80’s, thanks to a certain episode of Miami Vice, a pop star named Fiona came to be known as “Little Miss Dangerous.”  Now that it’s 2019 (a far less civilized age, in my humble opinion), we have another Fiona capturing the attention of the nation—this time in the persona of Fiona Hill, who had what Democrats hoped would be her own Little Miss Dangerous moment when she gave testimony on the final day of Adam Schiff’s impeachment dinner theater.  Sadly, for Schiff at least, Hill didn’t quite drop the bombshells everyone had been expecting—especially the media, which had pinned all of their hopes on this ultimate witness, after a steady procession of duds threatened to turn the carefully-orchestrated proceedings into more fizzle than sizzle.

To be sure, Hill served up a tiny slice of what Schiff craved most:  specifically, her assertion that Russia, Russia, Russia had interfered in the 2016 election, and that any suggestion that Ukraine had done the same is just disinformation courtesy of Vladimir Putin (it seems to have escaped her that both could have happened, and likely did).  Things went sideways, though, when she blew a great big hole in the narrative that Putin had gone all in for Donald Trump, instead stating that Russia didn’t much care who won the election and would have targeted Hillary Clinton had she been victorious:

“[T]he goal of the Russians was really to put whoever became the president, by trying to tip their hands on one side of the scale, under a cloud,” Hill said.  “So if Secretary, former First Lady, former Senator Clinton had been elected as president, as indeed many expected in the run-up to the election in 2016, she too would have had major questions about her legitimacy.  I think that what we’re seeing here as a result of all of these narratives is exactly what the Russian government was hoping for.”

In other words, Pooty-Poot didn’t push for one candidate or the other.  Indeed, he operated as if Clinton would win, because that’s what everybody—including his own intelligence services—thought would happen.  Rather, Russian efforts concentrated on undermining everyone’s faith in the electoral system, pitting the half of the country that lost against the other half that won by convincing them that they had somehow been cheated.  Or, as Hill herself surmised, “Perceived misinformation, perceived doubt, they have everybody questioning the legitimacy of a presidential candidate, be it President Trump or potentially a President Clinton.”

Kind of pulls the rug out from under the Democrat narrative, doesn’t it?

It also puts the lie to the notion that this sort of interference is something unprecedented.  Russia has been doing this for decades, going all the way back to the Cold War, with their efforts focused not just on elections but in fomenting discord and strife wherever they could.  That’s because their ultimate goal is to undermine American society as a whole—because an America at war with itself is weaker on the global stage, which in turn gives the Russians an advantage.

Which, ironically, brings us to the mainstream media and the role they have to play in sowing all this discord.  For three years, they’ve been stoking resentment and hatred of Donald Trump by breathlessly spreading fake news and credulously reporting anything that makes his administration look bad, even when the evidence is flimsy to nonexistent.  They’ve also acted as the propaganda arm of the Deep State in this regard, uncritically reporting on the efforts of the unelected bureaucracy to remove a duly elected President, casting them as heroes saving the country from itself rather than the serious threat to Constitutional governance that they are.

The media routinely ignore inconvenient facts that run counter to their preferred narrative, averting their eyes from the rampant abuses of power that occurred under the Obama administration and criminalizing the ordinary political maneuverings of the Trump administration.  In short, the media have created the conditions under which Russia’s plan to divide America can flourish—and easily so.

To my mind, Vladimir Putin couldn’t have asked for better allies than the American media.

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