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President of Chico State Republicans assaulted for holding ‘All Lives Matter’ sign



Here is the tolerant, accepting left in action on another college campus. As Chico State University in California prepares for a #WalkAway event with Brandon Straka and Blaire White this evening, protests have already been going on this week. But when Chico State Republicans positioned a pre-event table to sign up attendees, the protests turned mildly violent.

An unnamed protester became irate and physical when Michael Curry, the president of Chico State Republicans, stood near her with a handmade sign that said “All Lives Matter.” It was a mocking political statement aimed at the protester who held a similar sign that said “Black Trans Lives Matter,” but it’s clear in the video Curry was not expecting the protester’s violent response. She tore the sign from his hands and hit him with it before going into a loud tirade about how he was somehow committing violence against her.

Altercation breaks out between Chico State GOP president and protesting student“After I was struck, I told my friends to call the police,” Curry said in an audio recording recalling the incident. “After she stopped yelling at me, she went and called the police herself reporting that I had ‘troubled’ her.”

“She then sat down on a bench and started crying. The police showed up, she lied down on the ground and claimed she was having a panic attack. (She) asked for the police to order an ambulance and they took her away.”

According to Officer Conlan, battery charges may be filed with the district attorney.

The incident is still under investigation and will be handled by the Department of Student Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities, according to Officer Conlan.

This is not tolerance. It’s not righteousness. It’s the product of a post-truth society bent on making everyone willing to abide by it believe they are victims being oppressed by fascism… or something. Meanwhile, they’re oblivious to the contradictions their unhinged hatred is demonstrating. This sort of incident is becoming commonplace as students show how ill-prepared they are to face the real world without the emotional bubble wrap being placed around them in college.

We’ve covered Straka‘s journey from progressive Democrat to a vocal activist trying to release people from the binds of the Democratic Party. His #WalkAway movement has been successful in reaching the masses by doing something very basic. He presents people with the truth, a commodity that is in high demand these days. With so much fake news and false narratives floating around, it’s easy to see why Democrats continue to find success in elections despite failures with their policies.

College campuses have become unfriendly venues for conservatives. For institutions that have so many “Safe Spaces” and that claim to value ideas, they’ve gone far from being the rallying points for free speech and freedom of thought they once were. Being conservative is anathema and supporting President Trump is dangerous on campuses across the country.

The irony of the protester’s unhinged assault on Chico State Republican president Michael Curry is that the publicity will only help tonight’s #WalkAway event with Brandon Straka and Blaire White to be even more packed.

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