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AOC says Stephen Miller ‘weaponizes’ being Jewish to promote white nationalism



Oh, those tricky white nationalists. They’ve found their ideal leader to “provide cover” for their agenda because he’s Jewish. This, according to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is what White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller is doing as she pushes an easily debunked notion that he may be Jewish, but he’s actually a white nationalist who’s using his claimed religion as a way of advancing his Nazi agenda.

In reality, Miller’s desire for stronger border security and immigration laws that make sense aren’t white nationalist perspectives. They’re common sense perspectives shared by patriotic Americans, including legal immigrants like me. We realize that sovereignty and the desire to protect it are not racist. It makes perfect sense for any country to want to have a system in place that allows immigrants to enter and stay in the country legally while also having as part of the system measures that can prevent illegal immigration.

Of course AOC, who invokes “woman of color” within her intense identity politics, would believe that someone like Stephen Miller is doing the same thing. Liars think everyone else is a liar. Idiots apparently think everyone else is an idiot.

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