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President Trump should call Pelosi’s bluff and answer questions in writing



President Trump should call Pelosis bluff and answer questions in writing

The word on the Beltway is advisers are flying in and out of the White House to give President Trump counsel on whether or not to accept Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s offer to testify regarding the Ukraine impeachment inquiry. She said he could do it in writing on Sunday’s Face the Nation, to which the President said, he is “strongly considering it.”

Many will say that he shouldn’t, but here’s the thing. If he has nothing to hide (other than standard Presidential top secret stuff, of course), then he can only benefit from written answers to the House’s questions. He has the momentum and the mandate to prove the Democrats are just playing politics with the whole impeachment debacle, and he definitely should run with it. Pelosi is offering a platform on which he and his team can put together strategic answers to their questions.

They can and should tell the truth, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take advantage of the opportunity to take what will be the most read document since the Trump-Zelensky transcript of their second call, which was the basis of the whistleblower’s complaint. Quotes from the answers will plaster the news for at least a day, even in the low-attention-span news cycle. This isn’t just an opportunity to clear his name; It’s also an opportunity to start doing some campaigning for himself and his party going into 2020.

It is a huge mistake by the Democrats to offer this. They think doing so will change the narrative in their favor as appetite for impeachment is already falling. They are bluffing in hopes the President will decline their offer. If it were to be done live and in public, it would be a bad idea. As we saw with Brett Kavanaugh and others who have testified in the past in their own defense, the media will spin every stumble or nuance into something big and negative. But doing it in writing is a wonderful opportunity.

The President should jump on it immediately.

Meanwhile, Republicans should really gear at least one or two questions per witness on an inconvenient fact the Democrats want ignored. As our EIC pointed out last week, they must ask whether Ukrainian officials are stupid or lying, because the testimony being put forth by the Democrats’ witnesses indicates it must be one or the other.

Democrats are already scrambling to shift the narrative away from “quid pro quo” and “bribery” as questions about lying to Robert Mueller have surfaced. Really? First the Russia hoax, then the Ukraine hoax, now the Mueller hoax? It’s a desperate move, especially considering they are running it through House counsel instead of participating directly themselves.

The worst nightmare for Democrats right now is if President Trump calls Nancy Pelosi’s bluff and makes fools of them all by answering their questions in writing. This is an opportunity to highlight the absurdity of the impeachment sham.

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