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Leader of wealthiest religious organization in the world decries ‘greed of a few’



Leader of wealthiest religious organization in the world decries greed of a few

I was raised Catholic. I have many Catholic friends. I appreciate much of what the Catholic Church has done over the centuries while also noting the dastardly things that have also happened as a result of devious men doing bad things. But if there’s one thing in recent decades that could be said about the Catholic Church, it’s that the leader of the church, the Pope, has been an honorable man. But with Pope Francis in charge, it seems honor has given way to hypocrisy.

The Pope, who espouses radical progressive ideas like socialism, open borders, and many anti-Catholic perspectives, once again attack the wealthy. I’m no defender of the wealthy, but I acknowledge wealth is often the catalyst for and foundation upon which the poor in the world have the best chance to find safety, security, and even prosperity. Whether it’s charitable organizations delivering food, medicine, and resources to third-world countries or billionaires providing opportunities through jobs, many rich people have done wonderful things in modern times.

But according to Pope Francis, greed is very bad and the cause of many of the world’s problems.

Pope decries that “greed of a few” worsens poverty of others CITY (AP) — Pope Francis is decrying that the “greed of a few” wealthy people is compounding the plight of the poor.

Francis celebrated a Mass Sunday in St. Peter’s Basilica dedicated to heightening awareness about poor people worldwide. He lamented that people aren’t worried that income “gaps are increasing, that the greed of a few is adding to the poverty of many others.”

Keeping a tradition of his papacy, Francis invited 1,500 indigent persons to dine with him at the Vatican after Mass, while another 1,500 will be treated to a separate lunch elsewhere in Rome.

Francis said faithful should ask themselves: “Do I, as a Christian, have at least one poor person as a friend?”

He has made paying attention to those living on society’s margins a priority of his pontificate.

According to Wikipedia, the Pope’s ranting has a major flaw. It’s the Catholic Church and the various portions of it that make are the richest religious organization in the world, holding four of the top seven spots. The only reason the LDS church is at the top of the list is because it doesn’t differentiate between different parts of its organization. It’s one worldwide church instead of the various divisions within the Catholic Church.

And, of course, there’s the fact that nobody really knows how much the Vatican itself is worth. Estimates range from $10 billion on the low end all the way up to conspiracy theorists who have what they say is documentation showing the Vatican is worth over a trillion dollars.

It’s a tired cliche among progressives to talk about the income gap being the root cause of all evils. It’s funny that the Bible actually says the love of money itself is the root cause, but the Pope wants that love spread across the masses.

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