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Conservative media’s absence in Louisiana race is unacceptable



Conservative medias absent in Louisiana race is unacceptable

It isn’t often I take the time to scold those in conservative media. Sites like Breitbart, Townhall, and The Daily Wire are among the good guys fighting against the monstrosity of progressive mainstream media and the evil agenda of progressive politicians across the nation. But what I saw in 2018 during the midterm elections has reared its ugly head again recently. There’s a complacency among many in conservative media that threatens to help the left achieve their electoral goals in 2020.

Eddie Rispone should have won the Louisiana gubernatorial race yesterday. Louisiana is still a red state. Incumbent John Bel Edwards has been a disaster for most as the state’s economy continues to flounder despite bold promises made by the progressive Democrat. But Edwards had something Rispone did not. Edwards had the support of national progressive media. Rispone did not hear a peep about himself from national conservative media.

This is our fifth article about Louisiana’s governor’s race. We supported Rispone in the “jungle primary” that puts all of the candidates together into one pool because we felt he was the best conservative choice among a sea of Republicans vying for the chance to be in the runoff against Edwards. We supported him in the runoff as well, of course. But as we searched for other conservative stories about the race, we found none. The best mentions he received were in stories about President Trump’s visit to the state.

I completely understand the desire among conservative media to go for the low-hanging fruit. Right now, President Trump and impeachment are the top stories to cover, followed by all of the “small” stories such as Supreme Court decisions or Roger Stone’s conviction. But those of us who support President Trump MUST support conservative candidates running for lower office who support the President as well. If anything, they need our help more than the President does because the Democrats are trying to hand him the 2020 election any way they can, whether by pushing impeachment or running 25 progressive fools against him. But here’s the thing. What he can do in his second term is completely contingent on how well the GOP does in down-ballot races.

We, the voices of conservative media, failed the nation in 2018 by not doing enough to spread the truth and prevent the House of Representatives from falling under Democratic control. We must move forward with the understanding that if we do not reverse this in 2020, we are hampering the President’s agenda and stopping America’s forward momentum. He needs the GOP to be in control of the House and the Senate. AMERICA needs the GOP to be in control of the House and the Senate.

Eddie Rispone lost a gubernatorial race which is only tangential to national politics. But we still missed a huge opportunity to demonstrate strength within the President’s camp that should have terrified all Democrats in red states, whether they’re running for city council, the United States Senate, or anywhere in between. By failing to send a clear message that the President commands great support for his fellow Republicans in smaller races, we missed a tremendous opportunity.

We needed this race, and conservative media sat it out.

One of the most important things we can do in media, arguably second to spreading the truth, is telling the stories the people don’t get to hear from their local or national mainstream media outlets. This is why we are adamant about reaching out to local candidates for lower races so they can get their message the exposure it needs. We strongly encourage other conservative news outlets to do the same. 2020 isn’t just about securing the White House. We need victories up and down the ballot to make it absolutely clear beyond a reasonable doubt that this nation is guided by the Constitution, not the whims of progressives bent on fundamentally changing us all.

Let our failure in Louisiana act as a rallying cry to all conservatives. Right-leaning media needs to get in the game. Conservatives on social media need to get louder and more aggressive. The 2020 election starts now.

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