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Saving Eddie Rispone: Why is conservative media silent ahead of Louisiana’s important gubernatorial runoff?



Saving Eddie Rispone Why is conservative media silent ahead of Louisianas important gubernatorial ru

Update: Rispone lost.

Original Story:

It’s a big day in the bayou as Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is locked in a tight runoff election against businessman Eddie Rispone. We’ve endorsed Rispone in all of the four articles we’ve posted about the Louisiana race because he’s a fiscal conservative and capitalist who will help turn Louisiana back into the red state that it has been in the past.

But this isn’t about red versus blue or Republican versus Democrat to most in Louisiana. They’ve demonstrated they don’t care which party is running the show as long as they’re doing what’s best for their state, and Edwards is not. This, more than any other reason, is why it’s time to give Rispone a chance. It doesn’t matter that Edwards claims to be that rare southern Democrat that supports the 2nd Amendment. He’s still an unambiguous progressive when it comes to fiscal and social policies, both of which are under attack from the left and in the process of failing the people of Louisiana.

The fact that Rispone doesn’t have government experience would normally be a bad thing, but like President Trump, Rispone’s business acumen and leadership skills have shined through in his life and will benefit the people of Louisiana greatly.

There’s a sour note that disturbs me, though. With the election today, I expected to see other national conservative media outlets talking about it, perhaps endorsing Rispone, or at least noting that President Trump has visited twice on Rispone’s behalf. Save a couple of articles focused on President Trump’s latest visit while barely mentioning Rispone in passing, I was appalled to find nothing. Zip. It’s radio silence from outlets I greatly respect and even a few I don’t. This isn’t the case on the left as progressive outlets pump up Edwards’ supporters in the state by offering every reason they can manufacturer in order to help Edwards win reelection.

It’s no wonder the Republicans lost the House and many governorships in the last couple of years. If progressive media is pushing for Democrats while conservative media is talking about nothing but Roger Stone the day before an extremely important election, then it’s our fault if Rispone loses. We in conservative media must spread the truth since we know progressive media won’t. Why isn’t the truth being spread about Rispone?

Conservatives who do not live in Louisiana cannot sit back and say, “Not my problem.” It’s definitely all of our problems. Why? Because if Edwards wins reelection in a red state in the era of Democratic obstruction and impeachment, the message is clear: Impeachment isn’t hurting red-state Democrats. Is that really the message we want sent to all the Representatives and Senators sitting among Democrats who have to face a red state electorate next year? Do we want them to believe that supporting impeachment won’t hurt their reelection chances? Well, that’s the message that will be spread by mainstream media if Edwards wins.

We call for donations often because we believe the truth we share is important. We have the stories. We just need to funds to distribute the truth far and wide. And as much as we support other conservative media outlets, it’s disconcerting to be the only ones even mentioning this important race.

I wish I could say there are other conservative news sites already filling the gaps. I really do. But seeing Eddie Rispone left hanging by himself while progressive media promotes John Bel Edwards is disheartening.

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