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Republicans must ask every impeachment witness about Vadym Prystaiko



Republicans must ask every impeachment witness about Vadym Prystaiko

House Democrats aren’t doing a very good of convincing anyone their impeachment inquiry is righteous. You can’t even say they’re convincing their pals in the mainstream media because all of the networks plus CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, and Washington Post are busy making nothing seem like something while pointing as many people as possible away from the evidence that supports the President’s defense. But there’s one damning piece of evidence that can be used by Republicans to easily highlight how ludicrous this whole debacle really is.

Before we get to that question, let’s get a quick understanding of what the Democrats are suggesting. They believe (or at least they want you to believe) the military aid given to Ukraine by the Trump administration was conditional on an investigation into Burisma that didn’t happen. In case that didn’t make sense to you (and it really shouldn’t), let’s put it another way: Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump for pushing an investigation that never happened by withholding aid that Ukraine received.

I know. It doesn’t make sense to anyone other than the media, Democrats, and small children. But there it is. Now, let’s look at a damning piece of information that must be brought up repeatedly going forward.

Ukraine foreign minister: US ambassador never said aid money was linked to Biden investigation’s foreign minister said U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland never linked the release of security aid to Ukraine to the country’s willingness to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, according to Reuters.

Much of the evidence presented by Democrats and their chosen witnesses point toward an alleged abuse of power or “quid pro quo” by President Donald Trump rests on allegations that Sondland, who had direct contact with Trump, delivered the message to Ukraine that aid was contingent upon a Biden investigation.

If Ukraine foreign minister Vadym Prystaiko is correct, the Democrats’ case has been significantly undermined.

“Ambassador Sondland did not tell us, and certainly did not tell me, about a connection between the assistance and the investigations. You should ask him,” Prystaiko said.

The question that everyone must be asked is a variation of this:

“If Ukraine says they were not bribed and there was no quid pro quo linking military aid to a Busisma investigation, are you saying the Ukrainians are stupid or liars? Because if you say there was bribery and the Ukrainians weren’t aware of it, your testimony suggests you believe they were either too dense to realize they were being bribed or they’re currently lying to America about a serious issue. Which is it?”

Of course, the exact same question cannot be asked of everyone because they will eventually be prepared for it, but variations of the question must be asked of everyone. For example, break it up like this:

“You, Mr. Witness, believe there was quid pro quo, correct? Do you believe the Ukrainians knew there was quid pro quo? If so, why have the denied and continue to deny it to this day?”

There are talented attorneys among Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee. They need to be prepared to attack this head-first and put every witness on record answering a variation of the question.

If Republicans ask this question of every witness the Democrats roll out, it will be nearly impossible for mainstream media to continue ignoring the truth. Tell Devin Nunes, Elise Stefanic, and Jim Jordan to get on this.

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