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From impeachment to censorship, narrative control is the only thing keeping the left afloat



From impeachment to censorship narrative control is the only thing keeping the left afloat

Imagine a world in which the narrative of the news cycle was honest. Democrats would be picking their next sacrificial Mondale as the nation is doing better in 2019 than in 1983 ahead of President Reagan’s near-sweep a year later. The House of Representatives would still be controlled by Republicans, but even if it weren’t, the lack of any legislative accomplishments would doom Democrats in the 2020 election. Universities would be struggling to attract applicants because parents would be weary of sending their children to the progressive indoctrination centers many colleges have become. Most importantly, Americans would be generally proud of their nation as united and heading in the right direction.

But this isn’t a world with honest narratives. It’s a world with progressive narratives dramatically overshadowing conservative or even neutral ones. We’ve seen this in shocking display as mainstream media pushes an anti-Trump narrative. We’ve seen it with the stifling of conservative voices over petty things like saying “learn to code” or mentioning the name of alleged Ukraine whistleblower Eric Ciaramella. We’re seeing the two avenues of narrative control collide as impeachment hysteria has the media helping Democrats move the goalposts by changing the narrative.

At the heart of all of this is a systemic anti-conservative overload on all of the channels that control the narrative. Politicians (mostly Democrats) and legacy media have clear control over the narrative, but narrative control is also present in education, entertainment, and social media. Those of us on the right have to be careful what we say in any of these venues. If you’re a conservative student or… God forbid… a conservative professor, you will be targeted and harassed in an effort to make you leave. Conservatives in Hollywood who don’t have the legacy of Clint Eastwood find themselves unable to get jobs. As for social media, the false outrage and pseudo-protection of Eric Ciaramella is not really for his benefit but is actually just an excuse to target conservatives.

Some on the left realize the best way to keep their message on top is to quash opposing views. I say “some” because I believe most don’t realize their worldview is flawed. How could they? If they acquired it in college, they likely didn’t get to hear an opposing worldview at all. American universities have become progressive echo chambers. If as adults they learned to be leftists, the confirmation bias from mainstream media is palpable. If they are influenced by Hollywood or other entertainment elites, they are worshiping a group of people whose makeup is dominated by progressive views. It’s no wonder so many people suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s all they’re exposed to because the narrative is so strongly tilted to the left.

This is why Antifa even exists. They allegedly fight fascism by acting like fascists. They will shout down anyone who opposes them if their victims are lucky. If not, they may suffer from physical violence. And yet they refuse to have a discussion about their worldview because doing so might expose anyone listening to a truth they cannot defend against. If Antifa is the vocal, intimidating arm of the left, then everyone else is subtly following their lead. Why? Because acting a little fascist in school, Hollywood, or on social media works much better than fighting conservative ideas with bad ideas.

There are two ways to not lose a debate: win it or avoid it. Many leftists realize they cannot win debates based on the merits of their proposals or the logic of their arguments, so quashing debate up front is their only viable strategy.

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