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The Democrats’ shifting narrative: From ‘quid pro quo’ to ‘bribery’ to ‘attempted bribery’



The Democrats shifting narrative From quid pro quo to bribery to attempted bribery

I’m old enough to remember when “quid pro quo” was the talk of the town in Washington DC. You probably are, too, since it was just a couple of weeks ago the Democrats were beside themselves trying to pin the ambiguous non-legal term on the President as the basis for their impeachment inquiry. It didn’t work out well for many reasons. One big one was the fact that then-Vice President Joe Biden literally engaged in and admitted to quid pro quo for the firing of a prosecutor looking into his son’s energy company in exchange for a billion dollar loan guarantee.

But it wasn’t just self-implication that scared the Democrats into backing away from the term. They noticed it wasn’t working. Sure, progressive mainstream media invoked the Latin phrase constantly, but the average American wasn’t ready to call for the removal of their President over something that is a part of every negotiation in the history of the world. So, they switched it up and started calling what the President allegedly did “bribery.”

That, too, had a major hole. If the President bribed the Ukrainians into publicly announcing an investigation into Burisma in exchange for military aid, the bribe failed miserably. We gave them the aid but they never announced an investigation. In fact, they didn’t even realize the aid was on hold until over a month after the call between President Trump and President Zelensky. That’s not bribery by any stretch of the imagination.

The new sexy coming from the Democrats’ mouth is “attempted bribery.” Even if we disregard the aforementioned failure of such a ploy based on the release of aid and the lack of knowledge on the part of the Ukrainians, there’s the biggest hole of all sucking in all the oxygen the Democrats and their mainstream media proxies are trying to breath. The transcript of the call does not sound like a bribe. The communications discussed by the Democrats’ “star witness” didn’t insinuate a bribe. In fact, he acknowledged the only explicit statement referred to him from the President was that there would be no bribery, no quid pro quo at all.

Here’s the reality, folks: Nothing the Democrats have demonstrated or even implied indicates an offense committed by President Trump that warrants the removal of a sitting President from office. Nothing. Not even close. There was no attempted bribe, and if there had been and it was just so poorly executed the Ukrainians didn’t realize they were being bribed, there’s still no impeachable offense. The Constitution clearly states the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors” rises to the bar of real crimes like treason or actual bribery. For Democrats to say what the President allegedly did somehow rises to this level is both ludicrous and desperate.

When goal posts are moved, it’s time to start questioning the motivations of the movers. Democrats are realizing their purely political play is not singing the right tune to voters, so they’re changing their narrative. It won’t work. It mustn’t.

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