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Watch: Jim Jordan puts smackdown on ‘star witness’



As much as I hate delving into what looks like Clickservatism, it needs to be said that Jim Jordan just took a 2×4 to the William Taylor’s usefulness in the impeachment process. The beginning of the impeachment process should be quite favorable for the Democrats in theory. Just like how in a criminal trial, the prosecution begins and presents their evidence. They eventually rest their case and the defense looks to mitigate  and cloudy the waters. So, in theory, this should be the best the Democrats have in terms of evidence right here in the beginning.

But Jim Jordan quickly disassociates William Taylor from the phone call and President Trump. Jordan’s biggest blow came from when he systematically distances Taylor from the allegedly impeachable facts. By making the information seem sixth-hand, Taylor’s credibility is destroyed. But Jim Jordan isn’t expressing anything new. This is a farce built on hearsay and there isn’t even an impeachable offense to be found unless Joe Biden is immune from investigation because he is running for President for the third time in his decades long career in government.

But impeachment is a political process not really a legal one. High crimes or misdemeanors refer to a broad breach of public trust, not necessarily a crime. And by no means does it encompass incompetence or unpopularity. The Democrats are putting on a political process because their feet are taped to the bicycle. They have to indulge their political circus. But the clown show which will come to a vote in the house in December and a Senate trial sometime around the ides of March is off to a rocky start. Polls are turning against the Democrats on impeachment. The Trump campaign has solid messaging in response by bringing to light Hunter Biden. And the American people are tired of the Russian Hoax, yet Adam Schiff wants to frame impeachment as an extension of it. I would argue that quid pro quo is a poor hill to die on for defense.

As I wrote previously, America should be (and is) using quid pro quo on inferior nations. The best defense is offense and Hunter Biden’s business dealings were shady and Joe Biden protected him from investigation. This is  much stronger defense, one that resonates with the American people a lot more than arguing that a particular quid pro quo was bad.

While quid pro quo is a strategically dumb line of defense, Jim Jordan has made the impeachment process look like the clown show that it is early on, setting up the stage for a long and boring show which will not be worth binging as it gets pettier and pettier. So while this hearing won’t deter the Democrats from fighting a losing battle, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

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