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Jordan calls out ‘So-And-So Said Such And Such’ impeachment



Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) decimating the Democrat’s case for impeachment

Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) took apart the Democrats case for impeachment in questioning their ‘star witness’ former Ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor.

The video has the Representative outlining the circumstances of the case, pointing out four facts:

  1. The call shows no linkage between dollars in the investigation into Burisma or the Bidens.
  2. President Trump and President Zelensky both said on the call there was no linkage there was no pressure there was no pushing.
  3. The Ukrainians didn’t even know the aid was withheld at the time of the phone call.
  4. Most importantly, as it’s been pointed out the Ukrainians didn’t take any specific action relative to investigations to get the money released.

The representative went on to state that they won’t be able to talk to the most important ‘witness’ in this case – the alleged Whistle-blower Eric Ciaramella.

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