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If impeachment by opinions is allowed to work, this nation is doomed



If impeachment by opinions is allowed to work this nation is doomed

Let’s get legal. There’s a fact few Americans understand about the Constitution and our founding fathers. It’s not taught in civics class and few would likely agree with this assessment as a result. But the Ben Franklin phrase “a republic if you can keep it,” which was invoked by those charging the President with “high crimes and misdemeanors” yesterday, points to the validity of this little-known fact: The vagueness of much of the Constitution was designed for a good nation to flourish and a bad nation to collapse.

If you don’t believe me, read the Constitution (don’t worry, it’s short) with this understanding in mind. Certainly if the founding fathers intended for it to be unambiguous as a protective document, they wouldn’t have allowed for so much nuance. They wouldn’t have left anything up to interpretation. They would have said, “This is how it is and if you have any questions, reread it.”

But they didn’t. They left the majority of things up for interpretation, including the concept of “high crimes and misdemeanors” in Article II. They didn’t leave us blind to interpret it solely on our own. They gave us the example of treason and bribery so we’d know the level of crimes they intended to be reflected in our wording. In government, there really isn’t anything realistically conceivable that gets worse than treason or bribery, but more importantly there are few things a government representative can do extremely wrong that doesn’t fit in one of those two categories. Acting against he nation can be encompassed within treason and abuse of power at high levels can be encompassed by bribery.

Republicans are in a bit of a pickle because of Bill Clinton. Did he commit perjury? Absolutely, 100%, with zero doubt. Was it a high crime or misdemeanor that rose to the level of bribery or treason? Not even close. He should never have been impeached. Even as certain as his crime was, which is much more certain than any alleged crime President Trump has committed, it was still far from falling into the appropriate and intended realm of a high crime or misdemeanor.

We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis. The current impeachment inquiry is being waged based solely on the opinions of bureaucrats. Not only is there absolutely no evidence of a crime committed by the President outside of the opinions of these bureaucrats, but there’s very clear evidence exonerating him. Lest we forget, the alleged “quid pro quo” or “bribe” was based on withholding aid to Ukraine. That aid was delivered. The alleged benefit for the President was reopening an investigation into Burisma. That was not delivered. But arguably the most damning point that flies in the face of what the Democrats are trying to prove is the fact that Ukraine didn’t even know about the aid shipment being withheld until over a month following the call between President Trump and President Zelensky. If that was a bribe, it wasn’t done right. Not even close.

Did the President do something wrong? Probably not. What about Rudy Giuliani? That seems more likely, but again that assertion is based solely on opinions. If we’re to challenge anyone based on the opinions of others, it would be a disgrace to what the founding fathers intended and what America has become in they centuries since they intended it. If we’re to challenge a sitting President based on the opinions of others, we don’t really have a country.

William Taylor seems credible. He seems loyal to the United States and is definitely loyal to Ukraine. But his credibility and sincerity are worthless if all he can offer is based on his opinion. If he formed this opinion based on conversations with President Trump or even Giuliani, then he might actually have a valid complaint. But as Jim Jordan pointed out, second- and third-hand innuendo doesn’t make for a great star witness in something as universally important as the impeachment of a sitting president.

All the Democrats have are opinions. The evidence points away from their assertions. The collective perspectives are loose and none of it seems to connect to the President at all. What we’re watching is a political play, nothing more.

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