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Deep State+ ain’t worth the subscription



I suppose it’s only fitting that Adam Schiff chose now to launch the public phase of his quixotic quest to impeach Donald Trump for the high crime of conducting foreign policy as he sees fit.  That’s because just yesterday, Disney launched its new streaming service to compete with the one Apple rolled out the other week, with both promising endless hours of fantastical entertainment, albeit with little basis in reality.  In other words, it’s basically the same thing that Schiff has been pushing—only instead of a charismatic leading man telling the story, we have an officious, pencil-necked geek with all the charm of the Grinch before the Whos won him over.

Call it Deep State+, coming live to a TV near you!

I’m here to tell ya, though, it ain’t worth the price of admission.  To be sure, the Democrats and their allies in the media will sell it to you like it’s free—but in reality, the cost to the American Republic has been steep.  To wit, the effort to neutralize Donald Trump started well before he even got elected, with the Obama administration deploying the tremendous powers of the intelligence community and law enforcement against the campaign of a political rival.  Then, after Trump defied expectations and beat Hillary Clinton, that same Deep State apparatus ran to her aid to support the bogus excuse, hatched hours after her defeat, that the President-elect had colluded with the Russians to steal the election from its rightful winner.

That abuse of power was unworthy of this nation—more like the scheming of petty tyrants in a banana republic, who elevate their own personal power above all else.  It also held in contempt the very notion of a government of the people, by the people and for the people by disregarding the people’s choice.  In the view of the Deep Staters, their judgement trumps everyone else—particularly the voting rubes who are merely allowed to think they’re in control.

But the Deep State violation of our norms doesn’t stop there.  From day one, Donald Trump has been the target of leaks meant to make it impossible for him to govern effectively.  From the illegal disclosure of his conversations with foreign leaders to the “whistleblower” relaying hearsay interpretations of a phone call with the Ukrainian prime minister, the Deep State has one thing exceedingly clear to President Trump:  He can’t trust his own intelligence community.  They seek to undermine him at every turn, which makes everything they tell him suspect and necessitates an even tighter compartmentalization of internal White House communications.

The reason executive privilege exists is so that the President of the United States can speak freely with his advisers without fear of those conversations being used against him—but with Deep State leakers doing their level best to inflict as much damage as possible, that privilege is all but meaningless.  That means the President isn’t getting the information and honest opinions he needs in order to make strategic decisions.  You don’t need to be an expert analyst to understand the danger that poses.  It puts the country—and American lives—at serious risk, all for the sake of partisan politics.

So as you watch the impeachment show today—assuming you can stomach it—keep in mind what it is you’re really seeing.  Even though practically none of it is real, the consequences are—and we’ll be living with them for some time,