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Hong Kong in 2019 is the United States in 2021 if we do not stop the Marxists



Hong Kong in 2019 is the United States in 2021 if we do not stop the Marxists

It’s wrong to politicize other’s suffering, generally speaking. But as we witness a difficult sustained fight against an oppressive government in “free” Hong Kong, it’s easy to see America’s future should Marxists in the vein of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders seize control in Washington DC. The same type of authoritarian faux-capitalistic policies exuding from Beijing can be seen in the talking points of the two radical progressives running for the Democratic nomination.

But it’s not just Warren and Sanders. The entire Democratic field has been infected by Marxist ideas to varying degrees. While Warren and Sanders may be the most open about their hatred for the American way of life, other candidates that include the two frontrunners in the “moderate” lane – Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg – have espoused policy proposals that would make President Obama blush over how radical they are.

When people ask why I, as a constitutional conservative, support candidates in the GOP who need a refresher course in civics, I simply point to the leftists. Up and down the ballot, there are spawns of Karl Marx running to take over different levels of government. The second biggest reason we are forming the American Conservative Movement is to guide Republicans and Independents towards a more principled way of representing the people. That can be done with pressure or even education. It can be done by running primary candidates against those who refuse to adhere to the tenets of constitutional conservatism. But the primary reason we’re building it is to stop the Marxists from continuing their ascension to power. If that means supporting a “RINO” by opposing a socialist, so be it… for now.

Once we get a stronger foothold from which we can guide and reshape the GOP, we will do so. But we will not attack lukewarm conservatives who are currently the only hedge against the onslaught of socialism. The day will come when we can oppose the Mitch McConnells and Kevin McCarthys of the GOP, but priority one is keeping Marxists out of office at all costs.

Hong Kong is in a state of turmoil because the people had their power taken away from them. Their form of representative government is too easily influenced by Beijing, giving China a powerful platform through which they can creep their socialism onto the people of Hong Kong. It’s not dissimilar from what is happening in the United States today, other than the fact that we have a choice. The people of Hong Kong had limited power to stop it. We have full power to do so here in America, but we must exercise our rights and oppose the Marxism that’s trying to sneak into the halls of power across the country.

The people of Hong Kong didn’t have much of a say in government to allow them to oppose creeping Marxism. Americans do. If we fall to the socialists, it will be because not enough Americans stood up now to stop it when we could.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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