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Thrice deported child sex offender Felix Canales-Padilla captured again by border patrol



Thrice deported child sex offender Felix Canales-Padilla captured again by border patrol

A Honduran national who has been deported three times after being convicted as a child sex offender has been captured again by border patrol. He’s now looking at up to 20 years in prison.

People like Felix Canales-Padilla, 42, should be incarcerated. It’s unfortunate that deportation simply doesn’t work as these criminal illegal aliens continue to make their way across the border.

“By stopping dangerous criminals at the border, U.S. Border Patrol agents protect communities throughout the country,” said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz. “Our border enforcement and national security missions are fulfilled when people like this are prevented from reaching the interior of the country and potentially doing more harm.”

He was convicted in 2001, in Rock County, Wisconsin, of felony child enticement – sexual contact, and sentenced to three years in prison. But after release and deportation, he made his way back into the country in 2005, 2012, and now again in 2019.

According to Nate Madden at Conservative Review:

The Trump administration has made a priority of punishing illegal re-entry. Justice Department numbers from August show that 72 percent of federal prosecutions against non-citizens were for illegal re-entry in 2018, compared to .3 percent of them for first-time illegal entry. Last month, DOJ reported that this past fiscal year had seen an 8.5 percent increase in felony re-entry prosecutions from the previous fiscal year.

Deportation doesn’t always work. Sometimes, taxpayers have to bite the bullet and keep these criminals behind bars in order to keep Americans safe. How long will Democrats keep the borders as porous as they are?

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