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Nothing says ‘cult’ quite like a 10-story mural of Greta Thunberg in San Francisco



International climate change sensation Greta Thunberg is an icon, a hero, and the subject of climate change worshipers around the world. Her fiery speech at the United Nations inspired millions while getting mocked by those of us who recognize it for what it is: hysteria. But as her star continues to grow, radical progressives in San Francisco are about to have Thunberg’s blue eyes staring down at them like the visage of a third-world dictator.

Even the news “reporters” are gushing over Thunberg and the mural honoring her, as you can watch in the video above. The artist, Andres “Cobre” Petreselli, nailed it when he said, “at the end of the day it’s a child who’s telling us what to do.” He meant it as a compliment, but those of us who recognize the risks of climate change hysteria realize the absurdity of a movement taking cues from a teenager who doesn’t understand the science or consequences of her actions.

The huge mural on the side of the Native Suns Building in Union Square, San Francisco is nearly complete and will stare down at the people of San Francisco indefinitely. There’s nothing wrong with admiration of heroes, but worshiping them is a danger to both the worshipers and the people they influence. Thunberg worship is real, and it’s turning dangerous as climate change hysteria takes hold across he world.

This, folks, is a cult. Climate change hysteria is a religion. Its disciples don’t realize they are actually hastening the destruction of the planet by promoting untenable ideas that will harm people while doing nothing to “save” the planet.

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