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If Marie Yovanovitch lied under oath, what other stories are Democrats fabricating?



A lie is only a lie if you get caught. Otherwise, it’s treated in the same regard as the truth, especially regarding sensitive issues such as the impeachment inquiry. We’ve already seen a flurry of lies coming from Adam Schiff and his office, including the strangely-suppressed whopper that he repeated multiple times, saying he didn’t know who the Ukraine whistleblower was. We later learned through leaks that he not only knew the whistleblower but actually consulted with him before the complaint was filed.

But the latest lie appears to be even more significant, not based on the lie itself but the situation surrounding it. Tucker Carlson’s team learned President Obama’s Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, appears to have perjured herself under oath when asked about an email from a Democratic congressional staffer. The email was seeking a meeting to discuss information that would eventually become the basis for the impeachment inquiry. When asked if she responded to the email by Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY), she said she didn’t.

This turned out to be a lie.

Here’s the content of the email:

“I am writing to see if you would have time to meet up for a chat – in particular, I am hoping to discuss some Ukrainian oversight questions we are exploring. I would appreciate the chance to ground-truth a few pieces of information with you, some of which are quite delicate/time sensitive and thus we want to make sure we get them right.”

According to Carlson, Yovanovitch replied, “looked forward to chatting with you.”

The apparent perjury is big, but what’s more important is this reveals Democrats were well aware of the contents of the whistleblower complaint over a month before the public was made aware. Their actions, which seem to have been well underway just two days after the complaint was filed, points to a much bigger conspiracy than anything we’ve seen so far in the whole impeachment debacle. If Democrats were able to muster their efforts so quickly, how long have they been planning impeachment? Is it possible they manufactured the basis for impeachment, working potential witnesses and laying down impeachment foundation long before they allegedly became concerned about it in September? This seems to be a very likely scenario given what we’re learning now.

It’s clear Democrats aren’t holding an impeachment inquiry but have instead been manufacturing an impeachment operation from the start. The evidence is finally coming out, and it’s a very poor look for Adam Schiff and company.

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