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Drudge Report highlights ten anti-Trump, zero pro-Trump articles



Drudge Report highlights ten anti-Trump zero pro-Trump articles

Yesterday, Donald Trump Jr. mentioned Drudge Report while being interviewed on The View. It’s ironic that he may have introduced Drudge Report to the mostly progressive audience. If they’d heard about Drudge Report in the past as a conservative news aggregator, visiting it today will reveal something completely different. The site has turned into a NeverTrump promoter of Democratic candidates and leftist ideas.

What happened to Matt Drudge? To be frank, I neither know nor care. I now only visit the site to get a glimpse at the Democrats’ media playbook. Currently, the site is highlight ten anti-Trump articles from sources like CNN, LA Times, AP, three from MSN, and Politico. Headlines include “Trump Fatigue? Rachel Maddow Beats Trump Rally in Ratings” and “Outed CIA officer has advice for whistleblower under fire…”

The Daily Beast highlighted the growing trend of conservatives abandoning an old favorite that has turned to the dark side:

Trump Fans Are So Mad at Matt Drudge They’re Trying to Make a MAGA Rival to His ‘Left-Wing’ Site Trump fans have been fuming for weeks at conservative mega-aggregator Matt Drudge, alleging that his Drudge Report has backed Democrats’ impeachment push and ignored GOP arguments in favor of the president. And now, as a measure of their dissatisfaction, would-be internet media moguls are looking to make it big by creating Drudge Report clones and, potentially, stealing his visitors.

The owners of the conservative Drudge-style aggregator sites—with names like NewsAmmoRantinglyLiberty Daily, and WhatFinger—say they’ve seen traffic booms since outspoken conservatives began accusing Drudge of an anti-Trump bias. Gab, the social-media network popular with white-supremacist extremists, recently launched its own Drudge-style news aggregator site, Gab Trends, amid discontent from Trump supporters with Drudge.

It’s long past time for conservatives to abandon Matt Drudge and his report. He’s lost. He has succumbed to Trump Derangement Syndrome and is actively helping Democrats rise to defeat him. Thankfully, we have great options available.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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