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Bad policy cocktail: Warren’s single-payer plus open borders would increase illegal immigration exponentially



Bad policy cocktail Warrens single-payer plus open borders would increase illegal immigration expone

If you thought the border crisis was bad now, just wait. If Elizabeth Warren and a Democratic majority on Capitol Hill implemented her Medicare-for-All plan, it would cover ALL illegal immigrants fully. This would establish the most powerful illegal alien magnet this nation has ever seen as tens of millions from around the world – not just Central America and Mexico – would find some way to step foot in America so they could get the free healthcare they so desperately desire.

Single-payer healthcare exists in other countries, but invariably it only applies to citizens in those countries. Only the United States would combine no-questions-asked single-payer with de facto open borders if Elizabeth Warren becomes president. It’s a deadly policy cocktail that would yield the most undesirable consequences we’ve ever experienced in the modern era.

Imagine MS-13 gang members with Syphilis sitting next to you in the doctor’s office waiting room. That’s exactly what could happen if the poisonous policy combination ever saw the light of day in this country. Even non-criminal illegal immigrants would flock to our nation and take advantage of the open borders policies Warren is proposing, even if they have no desire to do so today. The promise implied by the combination of Warren’s policies is a true existential threat to the entire healthcare infrastructure, not to mention the other negatives associated with mass illegal immigration.

Surprisingly, few in conservative media are describing these two policy proposals in tandem. There are plenty of stories decrying the economic challenges of Medicare-for-All and a decent number (though not enough) who have read and exposed Warren’s shocking immigration proposals, but it’s in the combination that the combined threat as a whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

It won’t just be the usual suspects of Central America and Mexico that will rise in frequency crossing the border illegally. Anyone who has issues with their healthcare who has the means to make it to Mexico or Canada will become a potential newcomer to the United States if Warren is allowed to sit in the Oval Office. We’re already seeing migrants from around the world coming in large numbers, but those numbers will increase by a factor of ten or higher when the world learns Warren’s America is open for entry with free healthcare for the taking.

Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-All is a horrible idea. Her open borders policy proposals are bad for different reasons. But combining the two would turn America into a gravity well for tens of millions of unhealthy people across the globe.

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