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Worst possible hot take: LA Times connected innocent Mormon murder victims to violence associated with family history



Worst possible hot take LA Times connected innocent Mormon murder victims to violence associated wit

Donald Trump Jr. and a slew of conservatives aren’t happy with the Los Angeles Times. The progressive west coast newspaper thought it appropriate to attach the nine women and children who were murdered this week by a Mexican drug cartel to a family history that included targeted violence and decades-old conflicts. The Tweet they used to promote their “investigative reporting” was what one would expect from an unhinged, click-bait news outlet desperate to regain relevance.

The story here is that a group of women and children were gunned down and mercilessly burned by a cowardly group of animals who make their living off the suffering of others. They engage in a criminal enterprise that is not only heinous, but is supported by the Democrats’ policies regarding border security and asylum loopholes. Every policy the Democrats are proposing regarding immigration and the border encourages migrants to make the hazardous journey in which they invariably pay the cartels their life’s saving for unsafe passage. This, the Democrats support as a form of compassion. Meanwhile, they’re helping the cartels thrive while empowering them to commit hideous crimes against American citizens.

Does the LeBaron family have a history that includes violence? Yes. Is the violent past of their ancestors relevant to the women and children who were made victims of these crimes? Absolutely not. As hot takes go, this is as piss poor as it gets.

Donald Trump Jr. is correct to be upset. While it’s true the Los Angeles Times has been spiraling financially for years, there is no need to attach the victims to violence perpetrated by distant relatives as some sort of justification for their violent deaths. Some of the victims were under a year old. Does the Los Angeles Times want to explain how their memories are worth staining for the sake of getting more clicks to their failing publication?

Keep in mind, the LeBaron family is politically progressive. This demonstrates the difference between tribalism on the left and right. The left decides who to support based on their ideology. This is one of the reasons why no Democratic candidates have expressed an ounce of sympathy for the religious family living south of the border. Many on the right, including Don Jr, see that these were American citizens whose deaths deserve our sadness and whose assailants deserve our outrage. In matters like these, we should only see Americans murdered in cold blood regardless of political affiliation.

For the LA Times to stoop so low and reach into the grave to find dirt on these victims is as despicable as it gets for mainstream media. They are a trashy, sensational news outlet that isn’t worth the saliva we’d like to spit on them.

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