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Rob Schneider understands California voters far too well



Rob Schneider understands California voters far too well

Actor Rob Schneider has become one of the most unabashed Hollywood stars when it comes to expressing his political views even when they’re not necessarily aligned with the prescribed progressivism. A former Democrat, he converted to Republican in 2013 after watching progressive policies in California turn the state upside down.

Despite his many battles with the medical community over vaccines and the left’s policies in his state, he has maintained his sense of humor and a general kindness that allows him to still be friends with people regardless of their personal politics. But when he goes off, he doesn’t hold back, just as he did regarding the Democrats’ monopoly over the state. He paraphrased a quote by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who quipped a “glass of water with a ‘D’ next to its name” could win the general election in Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district. But Schneider’s take was a bit more direct.

California may be a lost cause and Hollywood may be just plain lost, but it’s good to know there are still people in the entertainment industry who haven’t fallen under the radical progressive spells sweeping across Tinseltown.

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