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Stanford SJWs belittle Ben Shapiro with anti-Semitic trope, then ‘apologize’ by calling him an anti-Semite



Stanford SJWs belittle Ben Shapiro with anti-Semitic trope then apologize by calling him an anti-Sem

There are few things more humiliating to a leftist than being called out for their inherent bigotry and the “hate speech” they pretend to oppose while simultaneously engaging in it. But the world they’re trying to create has no room for itself, a world that requires such tightly controlled and ever-changing boundaries, there’s nothing left but the authoritarianism it spawns.

Stanford’s Coalition of Concerned Students (yes, COCS) tried to rally opposition to upcoming speaker, DailyWire‘s Ben Shapiro, by depicting him as a bug that they will kill with a spray labeled “BenBGon.” It was an inane attempt at pretending he was a pest and their protest was the solution to his spreading of whatever they consider to be “hate speech,” but they missed an important factor. Shapiro is Jewish. Even if we dismiss the stretch of connecting the message of their flyers to “gassing” a Jew, we can’t overlook the fact that depicting Jews as vermin or bugs is a blatant anti-Semitic trope that has been used over history to belittle and persecute the Jewish people.

Crazed Stanford Leftists Backtrack, Apologize for “BenBGon” Shapiro Bug Spray Flyer at Stanford who were responsible for the creation of the “silent rally” poster that depicted Shapiro as vermin on a “BenBGon” bug spray bottle have apologized, saying they understand that the imagery “plays into antisemitic tropes that say Jews are insects and pests that need to be exterminated.”

According to an email obtained by Young America’s Foundation, the student group “Coalition of Concerned Students” expressed a “sincere apology” for their grotesque imagery. The email then went on to claim that they are “sensitive to antisemitism.”

Irony is dead– these moronic leftists were the sole perpetrators of antisemitism in this incident, given their depiction of an Orthodox Jew as vermin. Their attempts to backtrack and pretend they’re not hateful are laughable.

Instead of making things better with a straightforward and sincere apology, the leaders of the COCS thought it wise to take the low road and essentially blame Shapiro’s conservative perspectives as justification for their temporary lack of good judgment. They went so far as to label HIM an anti-Semite in their email. If you read it in Pee Wee Herman’s voice, it’s as if they’re saying, “I know you are but what am I?”

Stanford Ben Shapiro BenBGon

It may be humorous to watch social justice warriors stumbling all over themselves in their quest to be “woke,” but what Standard and the COCS are doing is truly dangerous to the future of our nation. Education in America should be an open forum for the expression of ideas to be debated respectfully. Suppressing ideas by denying students freedom of thought is both anti-education and anti-American. Instead of fearing speakers like Shapiro, universities and their students should be doing everything they can to bring such speakers to their campuses regularly.

If the ideas being spread at American universities by radical progressives are so weak that they do not stand up to any measure of scrutiny, then their ideas are not worthy of the institutions whose ideas they represent. Then again, perhaps its the weakness of their worldviews that requires them to stoop to whatever level necessary in order to quash conservative and Judeo-Christian principles.

It’s often noted on Twitter that the left can’t meme. As the COCS (Coalition Of Concerned Students) at Stanford demonstrated with their anti-Semitism towards Ben Shapiro, even when they think they have a good meme, they fail horribly.

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