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Shouldn’t ‘cancel culture’ outrage be demolishing ABC News right about now?



Shouldnt cancel culture outrage be demolishing ABC News right about now

I’m no fan of “cancel culture.” In most cases, it’s an overblown reaction to an underwhelming “sin” perpetrated by a company or individual that yields stupid results. But one would think if there’s anything that could prompt cancel culture to take hold, it would be when a company aids a pedophile to allow them to continue sexually abusing children. Is there anything that deserves more outrage than that?

Yet, ABC News is barely getting a gripe from any of its regular viewers despite covering up a story for three years about Jeffrey Epstein. How many children has he hurt in that time span? How many young girls could have heard about Jeffrey Epstein three years ago if ABC News had done its job instead of bowing to pressure from the powerful elite? If cancel culture demands retribution for crimes, where is the unambiguous outrage towards a news outlet that ignored a blockbuster story that could have helped people by bringing Epstein under the scrutiny of the world?

Where’s the disconnect? It’s clearly a case of ABC News getting a pass from its progressive viewership because they were protecting powerful progressives like Bill Clinton. It was an election year with Hillary Clinton in the mix, so taking down a vile pedophile was secondary to winning an election. It wasn’t ABC’s executives children who were being raped, after all. Why should they care when they had an election to win for the Democrats?

This should disgust literally everyone who isn’t also a pedophile. There should be protests in front of ABC News headquarters right now. There should be online petitions demanding answers from the executives, investigations into who is pulling their strings, and televisions across the nation universally tuning them completely out. They should be considered anathema to the world of broadcasting if “cancel culture” had any sense of right and wrong.

But it doesn’t.

ABC News willfully protected a confirmed pedophile for three years, then had the nerve to say the story hadn’t “met our standards to air.” Seriously? ABC’s standards are simple. If a story hurts powerful Democrats, mum’s the word.

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