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Montgomery County’s Marc Elrich acknowledges rapes increased because of sanctuary jurisdiction policies



Montgomery Countys Marc Elrich acknowledges rapes increased because of sanctuary jurisdiction polici

Maryland’s Montgomery County has been under scrutiny since July when Executive Marc Elrich issued an executive order declaring a sanctuary jurisdiction for the area. As a result, high-profile rapes and other sexual assaults skyrocketed, prompting national coverage of the complete failure of progressive law enforcement policies that opposed ICE while endangering citizens in te county. Reports indicate the County Executive’s office was flooded with calls and emails from concerned citizens who wondered why rapists were being released simply because they were illegal immigrants.

As I noted back in September:

Marc Elrich’s sanctuary jurisdiction policy puts suspected child rapists back on the streets should be construed as a news story. It’s not an opinion that Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich’s executive order declaring his county a sanctuary jurisdiction is putting suspected child rapists back on the streets. This is a fact, and it’s happening at an alarming rate.

Advocates of sanctuary law enforcement policies claim Hispanic communities are more likely to cooperate with local police if the risk of ICE detention is mitigated. They say the trade-off of putting felons and suspects back on the streets to continue committing their crimes is fair when considering how the sanctuary policies will reduce overall crime. But it hasn’t worked. In fact, crime tends to rise in sanctuary jurisdiction with conspicuous spikes in violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

For people like Elrich, the happy feelings they get from releasing child rapists is worth the criticism they receive from law abiding American citizens.

Clearly, I was quite harsh with my criticism of Elrich, but it was necessary. The longer the county protected rapists, the more dangerous it became for citizens in the region. And when sanctuary jurisdictions release dangerous criminals, it often isn’t just they’re own residents who are harmed. Illegal immigrants often leave an area after being arrested and released, taking their vile crimes to other areas.

Elrich deserves at least some kudos for taking a step in the right direction. The executive order still stands, but they have changed portions of the policy this month in an effort to stop the violent crimes that have been happening as a result of the social justice war they were waging against their own citizens. Unfortunately, the months wasted so far with this experiment have caused great and lasting harm to women and children whose rapists should have been in a different country instead of committing crimes against them.

This is only a partial, temporary fix. Even though four months doesn’t seem like a long time for the policy to have been standing, it’s heartbreaking to know so many were hurt during that time. They should have been made safe by their government instead of victimized for the sake of a county wanting to be “woke.”

Maryland sanctuary county rolls back anti-ICE policy after multiple illegal immigrants are accused of rape | Fox News move walks back an executive order which barred county police from asking individuals about their immigration status and largely prohibited local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE agents, as Elrich reasserted the blue region’s stance as a sanctuary city that strongly opposes the Trump administration’s hardline policies against illegal immigrants. The policy also banned ICE agents from entering any non-public county facilities.

Only a month after Elrich signed the order, at least nine illegal immigrants were charged with rape and sexual assault between August and September, causing the county executive’s office to reevaluate the policy and concede that it had received “numerous phone calls, as well as emails” in light of the arrests.

As Democrats continue to put the feelings and security of criminal illegal immigrants ahead of the safety of law abiding citizens in the communities they govern, the people are learning first-hand how dangerous sanctuary policies are.

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