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The View host Joy Behar: ‘Wait ’til you get elected, then take the guns away’



The mask covering the authoritarianism of the national socialist left has slipped once again.

Joy Behar, one of the hosts on The View said Monday that the Democrats should not tell everyone what they are going to do. Using the prime example of gun confiscation, she asserted that the candidates should essentially lie to the people when it comes to depriving the people of their unalienable human right of self-preservation.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that has been paying attention. After spending years denying that they were socialists and that their ultimate goal was gun confiscation, they did an about-face and admitted the obvious on both counts with nary a change in policy.

Leftists are authoritarians at heart.

Despite falsely claiming to be liberal, the authoritarians of the left have no real use for liberty. That is just a means to an end in their attaining control over everyone.

The news site Twitchy recently reported on a video of Nancy Pelosi stating whether or not the voters are going to decide if they are going to honor their oaths of office. That little bit of honesty should speak volumes about who they are, as is the off-handed admission of Ms. Behar.

These people eschew progress, wanting to go back to the ancient ideas of collectivism calling themselves ‘progressives’.

They constantly work against the cause of liberty while calling themselves ‘liberals’.

Finally, they have no use for democracy or basic decency while they call themselves ‘Democrats’.

They are none of these laudable terms.

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