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Joel Griffith says Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare plan WILL impact middle class taxes



Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-All plan is out and it’s even worse than many of us expected. It’s a hodgepodge of big words that redirects readers away from the reality of what’s being said, getting them to focus on taxing the rich, corporations, and those who allegedly can afford it. One of the funniest things about it is even if we take the outrageous claims at face value, it’s a direct road to full-blown socialism. That should concern every patriot as more people embrace her ideas because it means there’s a real chance people will accept socialism in the short term even if doing so will invariably lead to our long-term demise as a country.

One America News host Liz Wheeler brought Heritage Foundation‘s Joel Griffith on Tipping Point to break down the reasons he believes Warren’s plan will dramatically impact the tax burden on middle class America even though Warren claims it will not. He doesn’t have to use advanced calculus or fancy graphs to be convincing. One need only listen with common sense in mind to realize he’s absolutely correct.

If Elizabeth Warren becomes president and initiates her version of Medicare-for-All, the effects will be felt up and down the fiscal scale. Middle class voters who buy into her claim that costs will go down will be in for a huge, disappointing surprise.

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