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Sick joke about fentanyl Halloween candy for MAGA kids shows how unhinged the left really is



Sick joke about fentanyl Halloween candy for MAGA kids shows how unhinged the left really is

A Twitter user posted a sick promise just before Halloween trick-or-treating started, then followed it up with images of his plans in action. It was a “joke,” one that wasn’t funny, appropriate, or within the terms of service of Twitter. Yet 20 hours later, the Tweets still stand despite likely hundreds of reports of the threat against children.

The Tweet was bad enough, including an image of a child dressed like President Trump with red “X”s over his eyes. The comments were even worse. I have no intentions of posting the Tweet here other than the screenshots above because it was posted in such poor taste. The sad part is, this is exactly the type of thing the left allegedly despises in the right, yet we see examples of implied violence, threats, and actual attacks happening far more often from progressives than from conservatives.

Sadly, it had over 200 retweets and 1000 likes at the time of this article posting. And yes, it is still live.

Considering the inherent risks of psychos putting things in Halloween candy, a threat that has been part of the yearly tradition since at least the mid-80s, these Tweets, comments, retweets, and likes represent the Antifa-esque attitude pervading so many on the left. They truly have unhinged themselves from decency and common sense to the point one might even call it demonic in nature. As for Twitter’s reaction time, it’s a pitiful showing. We’ve seen accounts suspended within minutes after “deadnaming” someone, but making threats of putting fentanyl in children’s candy for Halloween just because they wore a MAGA hat is allowed to stay up for nearly a full day, perhaps longer.

If this were an isolated case, we could count it as one sicko and a thousand or so acolytes. But we see this almost daily, the unhinged reaction to a red hat, a t-shirt, a bumper sticker, or even an American flag. The triggering threshold is so low, it’s becoming a true risk to our health and possibly even our lives to openly support the President.

And that’s the point.

The left wants Trump supporters scared. They want us hesitant to express our perspectives. The fascism of Antifa-inspired thuggery is becoming an epidemic as unhinged progressives feel justified to harm others over something as simple as a hat.

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