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Kamala Harris blames private companies for not fixing California’s infrastructure problem



Kamala Harris blames private companies for not fixing Californias infrastructure problem

Senator Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign is in the toilet. She can’t make up her mind about how she’s supposed to feel or who she’s supposed to pander to, so she’s regurgitating rhetoric in hopes something will be inspiring. It’s policy salad and outrage generation combined to form a campaign cocktail that, under normal circumstances, would be the kiss of death for her campaign. Fortunately for her, the competition isn’t fairing much better with popularity even if they’re doing better in the polls.

Her latest attempt to generate false outrage is targeting mobile communications giants like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. What is she blaming them for this time? The fires in California. To be specific, she’s blaming them for not “stepping up to do the government’s job of protecting important infrastructure such as cellular towers.

Now, I’m not infrastructure guru, but I believe that when fires take down cellular towers, there’s not much the mobile companies could have done differently to protect them. Sure, they could have built fire shelters around them or cut down trees for the government, but that would mean more money charged to consumers who are already paying out the wazoo because of the obtuse regulations and insane tax rates they’re coerced to pay for the privilege of living in California.

Our EIC responded with a suggestion of his own.

Needless to say, it doesn’t matter what you tell her or the rest of the Democrats when it comes to California. It’s their bread and butter for fundraising and their lab to test the latest progressive policy monstrosity. I would weep for Californians, but they dug their own holes.

When a presidential candidate starts pointing at brand new boogeymen to blame for their troubles, it’s a sign their campaign is going south. Kamala Harris’s chances at the nomination are fading faster than Joe Biden’s cognitive skills.

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