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It’s ‘liberty control,’ not ‘gun control’



Its liberty control not gun control

Using the proper term frames the debate as that of freedom and unalienable human rights instead of mere objects of steel and wood.

Sometimes one word can make all the difference, using “liberty control” instead of “gun control” changes everything into a debate about freedom and human rights instead of scary things that make loud noises. This is why we use the term liberty control instead of gun control or one of it’s deceptive variations. It deprives the left of the advantage of shaping the rhetorical battlefield in setting the terms of the debate.

Consider the dramatic redefinition of the discussion with the replacement of one key word in the Oxford English dictionary definition of the term gun control.

liberty control
[mass noun]

The regulation of liberty
‘a call for stricter liberty control’
[as modifier] ‘a debate on federal liberty control legislation’

The left loves that we use their terms in this discussion. They’ve begun using ‘gun safety’ or ‘gun reform’ because the original sounded too harsh, but they made sure to keep the one scary word they adore. It’s much better for them to keep the debate in terms of scary looking objects that make loud noises instead of unalienable human rights and liberty.

Using “liberty” instead of “gun” reveals the true nature of the left as authoritarians, bent on ruling over everyone else. It’s easy for them to come out as being ‘anti-gun’, they cannot admit to being against liberty.

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