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Doug Collins, Devin Nunes become de facto defense attorneys in President Trump’s impeachment



Doug Collins Devin Nunes become de facto defense attorneys in President Trumps impeachment

Representatives Doug Collins (R-GA) and Devin Nunes (R-CA) will have the responsibility of defending President Trump if the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry resolution passes. Many assume it will, which will put the ranking members of the Judiciary and Intelligence committees in the spotlight as impeachment moves forward.

The resolution empowers Collins and Nunes to subpoena and question witnesses in the investigation. But doing so is at the discretion of the chairmen for their committees – Jerry Nadler (D-NY) for Judiciary and Adam Schiff (D-CA) for Intelligence.

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Republicans are already expressing dismay over the entire impeachment debacle. The rules governing timing allotted to review legislation before a vote – 72 hours – has been dismissed by Democrats. There are also concerns over the other committees which would be empowered to hold hearings without input from the ranking members. All of the committees will compile their findings for the Judiciary Committee, which would move forward with writing articles of impeachment if so deemed.

The provisions of the resolution are similar to those during Bill Clinton’s impeachment, but with opposite sides of the fence holding power.

Collins and Nunes will hold much of the spotlight in the impeachment hearing moving forward as their powers enable them some say in its progress. It will be interesting to see what Nadler and Schiff allow from their counterparts. Blocking witnesses or subverting questioning will make the inquiry seem unfair, while allowing Republicans to take control of the narrative could upend the proceedings altogether.

If the resolution passes, it will be incumbent on Devin Nunes and Doug Collins to not only defend the President of the United States, but to expose Democrats for their politically motivated attacks. The fate of our republic may rest in their hands.

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