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It’s time to counterattack by banning chemical castration of minors



Its time to counterattack by banning chemical castration of minors

When faced with the worst-case scenario, the movement to protect James Younger rallied to the defense of the child when a jury ruled against the father granting carte blanch authority to the mother to turn him into her (pseudo) science project. This egregious tyrannical act by the jury that included mandatory reeducation was a worst-case scenario. But because of Matt Walsh, who spearheaded the resistance to this tyranny, Governor Greg Abbott responded. The judge in Texas, faced with mounting pressure, mitigated the ruling to give the father a say in medical decisions. The veto power on medical decisions is the only victory in this case and the appellate level has dubious prospects of overturning the jury.

But the defense of this last shred of sanity is a beachhead that buys James Younger some time, though not apart from his sexually abusive mother, Dr. Georgulas. This last beach head is from whence we should launch a counterattack on the gay agenda by banning the chemical castration of children via puberty blockers and hormone replacement surgery. We should furthermore ban sex reassignment surgery for minors. I would go so far as to advocate criminalizing the practice so that both parents and doctors go to jail and become registered sex offenders. That’s just the maximum of what’s politically feasible with the Republican Party. Lex talliones would indicate castrating the sex offenders is a justified response to such crimes as these. NOQ Report has articulated the reason to enact such legislation.

There are two reasons the GOP should do this. The first is obvious: It’s the moral thing to do. As more radical progressives impose their unhinged beliefs onto their children, it’s becoming a form of child abuse that must be addressed.

The second reason is to send the right message about where America stands on the topic. The powerful LGBTQ community has gone unchecked since their multiple victories during the Obama administration. With every victory, they become emboldened and more aggressive. They continue to press their agenda and refer to anyone opposing them as bigots. They aren’t looking for equal rights or opportunities. They’re seeking superior rights and unhindered access to opportunities others do not have. We must put our foot down and stop them in their tracks one victory at a time.

These cases are already rising all across the country, this was an instance where a parent was trying to fight it. What if both parents are pushing this on their children? State legislatures need to act. Daniel Horowitz points out:

Consider this insanity: 18 states and the District of Columbia have banned homosexual conversion therapy. This is nothing more than consenting adults desiring to undergo therapy where not a single part of the body is touched, much less immutably altered. Yet even in red states it is legal, and evidently now even required in some cases, to castrate someone.

The fact that every solid blue state has made the homosexual agenda the law of the land but red states do not ban the most gruesome mutilations demonstrates the perfidy of the Republican Party. This isn’t even about religion or social conservatism. One need not believe in God at all to understand what is wrong with amputating someone’s penis, no less than gratuitously amputating someone’s arm.

Right not we are alert to the issue and likely have great crossover appeal on it. We need to seize these capabilities and enact legislation to protect children. Every state legislator running for office needs to be asked where they stand on the issue. Every state legislature needs to be called to address it.

I don’t need to present any more reasons why we should criminalize parents and doctors forcing their children into a high-risk lifestyle. It is self-evident malpractice built on lies and deeply tied to pedophilia. Criminalize it already.

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