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Spygate: Trump clarifies his role in DOJ’s criminal investigation



When it was revealed by multiple reports this week that the Department of Justice was expanding it’s inquiry into the Spygate scandal. It is now being handled as a criminal investigation, which puts several current and former Department of Justice personnel in potential jeopardy. What did they know? When did they know it? Who lied? Who manipulated the FISA applications and courts to benefit their presumption of guilt for those involved with the 2016 Trump campaign?

Of central interest is the Steele Dossier, a debunked document that was used as evidence for securing FISA warrants despite its lack of credibility, both of the content and the source. But it appears the Obama DoJ used circular reasoning by leaking it to the press and then citing the press leaks as justification for believing in the validity of the document. This is just the tip of the iceberg, if reports and rumors about the investigation are to be believed.

When the news broke, many in the media assumed this was prompted by the President. But he denies being involved in it at all, instead pointing to Attorney General William Barr as the sole person responsible for the upgrade of the investigation.

“I’m not involved in it from the standpoint it’s not my mandate,” the President said.

Contrary to progressive mainstream media reports, President Trump was not involved at all in the DoJ’s decision to turn the “investigation of the investigators” into a criminal probe. The Epoch Times is one of the few news outlets to report it properly.

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