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Progressives betrayed: Impeachment is all about getting Joe Biden nominated



Progressives betrayed Impeachment is all about getting Joe Biden nominated

The deeper we get into the impeachment inquiry by House Democrats, the clearer it becomes that this is and always has been a move by the Democratic Establishment within the DNC to protect candidate Joe Biden and endear him to voters by painting him as a victim. And it’s working. Since the impeachment inquiry began, Biden’s poll numbers have gone up, including yesterday’s CNN poll that has him with his biggest lead since April.

Do they want to impeach President Trump? Absolutely. But they’ll only follow all the way through if they believe they can truly remove him from office. If not, they’ll drag it out as long as possible, pulling Biden’s biggest competitors back from the campaign trail to deal with impeachment.

They would never admit as much in public, but the real power brokers in the Democratic Party are terrified of going up against President Trump in the general election with someone touting government mandated bans on private health insurance while espousing Marxist principles. It may play well to the radical progressives who have a lot of clout during the primaries, but it’s an absolute losing proposition in the general election. They want to go in with “new and improved” Obamacare 2.0, moderate economic philosophies, and a candidate who can appeal to Independents. They want Joe Biden as their nominee.

Impeachment is a narrative neutralizer. Since Biden was the intended victim of President Trump’s play with Ukraine, he becomes a sympathetic figure during the primaries. But it also gives him the illusion of strength as he can say with full credibility that President Trump was going after him because he’s the candidate the President fears the most. We’re already hearing that echoed by mainstream media as they’ve completely reversed their tune about Biden. Before impeachment, he was being targeted by most in progressive media. Today, only the extremist news outlets are still attacking him.

The first two clues about the real motivation for pushing impeachment are Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s abrupt reversal on her position about impeachment and the rapid replacement of Jerry Nadler in favor of Adam Schiff to lead the charge. Pelosi is a progressive, but she’s an old school progressive. She loved being Speaker during President Obama’s first two years in office when the most radical proposal being debated was whether or not to have a public option in Obamacare. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and to some extent Pete Buttigieg represent dramatic shifts from the Democratic Party under President Obama, shifts that take her out of her pragmatic progressive comfort zone.

She pushed against impeachment despite pressure from the hyper-leftists in her caucus for over a year before suddenly switching to lead the charge. She’s an opportunist, and when the calculus changed as a result of the whistleblower’s complaint brought to her by Schiff, she new she could kill two birds with one stone. Suddenly, impeachment went from being a political liability to becoming a risk worth taking. She got the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and “The Squad” off her back while seeing a plan formulating to both protect and promote Biden. It was a true win-win situation, and she jumped all over it.

As for Schiff, he’s the perfect patsy for the job. He has the temperament necessary to play this out in stages, something Nadler doesn’t possess. Nadler’s an infuriating idiot, which is why he was heading up the investigation before there was officially an investigation. But once Pelosi recognized the opportunity with the whistleblower, she needed it handled by someone more efficient. Schiff may be a sniveling, conniving liar, but he’s not a fool like Nadler.

The timing is also perfect for Biden. If the inquiry lasts until the end of the year as Pelosi and Schiff have stated, then they can have two articles of impeachment handed to the Senate in January. That means the Senate impeachment hearings will be in late January and on into February. The Iowa caucus is February 3. While Biden, Buttigieg, and Andrew Yang are out on the campaign trail, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Cory Booker, and Amy Klobuchar will be in Washington DC. And unlike committee hearings like the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation in which Harris and Booker essentially launched their campaigns by stealing the spotlight, it will be impossible for any of them to get much airtime with 99 other Senators participating.

Every news outlet is focused on impeachment, which means Biden’s name is being thrown out there regularly. As we saw with Anderson Cooper’s quick editorializing during the last Democratic debate, the narrative the media has been given is to pronounce Biden’s innocence in the whole Ukrainian affair and focus on President Trump’s alleged wrongdoings. Impeachment has been a two-edged sword for Biden, sucking all of the air out of the other campaigns by keeping them on page two while he enjoys the benefits of talking heads defending him.

Here’s the ironic part about it all. It was the radical progressives of the party who have been pushing the hardest for impeachment. Now that they got what they wished for, they’re realizing that the candidate they dislike the most is the true beneficiary their efforts. Warren and Sanders, the Marxist candidates of the bunch, are getting hurt the most by impeachment, arguably more than any real damage being done to President Trump. Harris has been trying to capitalize on it by playing prosecutor, but she’s being left in the dust. Even Buttigieg is getting much less attention. And poor Beto O’Rourke. He was enjoying a minor resurgence after stealing headlines with unhinged attacks on the 2nd Amendment. Now, he’s not even making it to page two with his radical proclamations.

Impeachment is doing for Biden what Biden couldn’t do for himself: Making him a sympathetic figure as the media plays the victim card on his behalf. Radical progressives like Ocasio-Cortez got their wish, but Pelosi gets her preferred candidate nominated.

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