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DoJ’s Spygate is now a criminal investigation. Is this why Lindsey Graham hasn’t acted yet?



DoJs Spygate is now a criminal investigation Is this why Lindsey Graham hasnt acted yet

Reports are flying in that the Department of Justice is turning its Russia election tampering inquiry into a full-blown criminal investigation. “Spygate,” as it is called by many in conservative circles, is the “investigation into the investigators” which seeks to determine how much wrongdoing occurred to prompt the initial investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign that led to the 2-year special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller.

From inappropriate FISA warrants to Steele Dossier leaks, the rationale behind the initial investigation has been seen as majorly flawed even by some Democrats. How much did the Department of Justice under President Obama and into President Trump’s first term influence actions and reactions to force the whole Russia scandal into the spotlight? What was fabricated? What was embellished? Was there a “Deep State” cabal working to force an investigation into the President’s campaign, an investigation that yielded no direct fruit?

Now that the investigation has turned into a criminal one, we’re seeing many important figures at the time lawyer up. James Clapper, James Comey, Peter Strzok, and John Brennan are at the heart of the alleged conspiracy, but who else was involved? To what lengths did they go to get rid of the President, and how well did they cover their tracks?

This could also mark a reprieve for Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham who has been taking heat from many conservatives for not acting on this. If Graham was aware the DoJ was close to turning it into a criminal investigation and filing charges against current and previous DoJ personnel, it may have been intentional for the powerful Senator to sit on his hands so as not to inadvertently play cards the DoJ needed to play. A Senate hearing would only muddy the waters.

Our EIC and others have been critical of Graham, and frankly it hasn’t made any sense for him to do nothing until now. But this makes more sense. I’m not ready to give the Senator a pass just yet, but if he’s working on the big picture, then I’ll apologize to him later.

We may finally get to see behind the Deep State curtain. What will we find? Will charges be filed? Will arrests be made? As the investigation turns criminal, there’s finally hope that who trying to subvert the 2016 election will be brought to justice.

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