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Progressive city council members in Seattle call to defund police homeless rescue team



The loving, compassionate radical progressive Democrats in Seattle are struggling to make sense of their homeless situation. They have a solution in place that’s both cleaning up the city streets and helping get homeless people to shelters. It seems to be working nicely. Therefore, Democrats are hoping to change things up.

In reality, they’re not against trying to help the homeless, but their biggest concern is how the homeless are being treated. It’s a strange situation in Democratville as they seem to be leaning… Libertarian. That’s right, they’re invoking privacy and freedom issues to put an end to the program in which police find unauthorized homeless encampments and move people to better conditions.

If you read between the lines, what the Democrats in Seattle are saying is everyone has a right to be homeless anywhere they please. If it interferes with business or endangers citizens, well, tough. Just deal with it.

For a better understanding of the homeless problem in Seattle, this is a must-watch video: Seattle is Dying.

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