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The enemy of my enemy is my President



The enemy of my enemy is my President

I am a supporter of President Trump. Yesterday was a blast on email, text, and DM. Pretty much everyone I know who is either a NeverTrump conservative or a Democrat hit me up on one of two topics (and sometimes both). Early on, people asked me why I support a “racist” who just invoked the word “lynching” in a Tweet. When I sent them examples of how Democrats and mainstream media often invoke the same term, they were silent. That was the easy one. The harder one to get through was Bill Taylor’s testimony (to be specific, his opening statement which was released to the press) that was the “smoking gun” on quid pro quo, as nearly all of them put it.

I shrugged it off. After reading the 15-page statement, I believe it’s clear Bill Taylor believed there was quid pro quo involved, but there is more evidence in his statement that White House officials were denying and adamantly opposed to it. This is not the article in which I tackle Bill Taylor (that’s coming tomorrow). For now, I’d like to discuss why “lynching Tweets,” questionable interpretations of events by an ambassador, and every other reason people believe I should abandon President Trump are all wrong.

Before I get into it, here’s a warning for those who believe our President walks on water. He doesn’t. I do not treat him as a god and I do not support all of his actions or comments. I have very compelling reasons for supporting his administration, the majority of points in his agenda, and his reelection campaign. But I am not a sycophant (though I definitely appreciate the energy of his loyal supporters). I don’t have a MAGA hat. I don’t watch his rallies. I have and will continue to criticize him when I believe he is wrong.

With that said, I can guarantee I devote more time, energy, resources, thoughts, and emotion into making certain he gets reelected than 99% of his avid fans. 12-18 hours of my day are spent to this end. It has become my self-imposed profession to fight the evils of this world through my efforts on NOQ Report, a profession that I neither enjoy nor one that pays a fifth of what I was earning two years ago. One of the biggest evils rearing its ugly head in America is radical progressivism. This is why President Trump, flaws and bombast intact, must be reelected at all costs.

When I criticize President Trump over bump stock bans or listening to the wrong advisers, I do so in hopes that he’ll improve. When I attack Medicare-for-All, Modern Monetary Theory, climate change hysteria, illegal immigration, reparations, censorship in schools, propaganda in the media, the Deep State, the Green New Deal (which is separate from climate change hysteria), or any of the other destructive policy proposals coming from the left, I do so with a desire to quash these horrendous ideas and entities into oblivion. That’s the difference. I criticize some of President Trump’s and many of the GOP’s ideas, but I passionately oppose radical progressivism and the hyper-leftists in the Democratic Party.

President Trump is a flawed vessel and the GOP is a feckless lesser-of-two-evils, but the Democrats are the enemy of all that is Biblical, patriotic, and American.

Some will say, “They shouldn’t be seen as the enemy because they’re just fellow Americans with different opinions.” No. The Democrats of two decades ago and before were Americans with different opinions. The Democrats of today (and I’m referring to politicians, not registered Democratic voters) are anti-American, in opposition of a Judeo-Christian worldview, and represent the adversary to our Natural and American Rights. I do view leftist politicians as the enemy because they view God-fearing, gun-toting, Constitution-reading Americans as their enemies.

They want to destroy us, and the only thing stopping them from doing it is President Trump’s reelection. If they win the White House, whether it’s Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or Pete Buttigieg, and have control of the House and Senate, the “fundamental changes” we saw with President Obama will seem like incremental course corrections compared to the devastation this new breed of Democrats will reap on our nation, the Constitution, and our freedoms.

Our children will grow up in a world without America leading the way. The new America, if Democrats take control, will become a shell of itself. Anyone who doesn’t believe this is either delusional or not paying attention. We know most Democrats are delusional; it’s very difficult to not be delusional and still support the ideas being propagated by today’s Democratic Party. As for those in the NeverTrump camp who contacted me yesterday, I have to classify them in the willfully-not-paying-attention category. If they are seeing what Democrats are wanting to do and are still willing to hold onto their anger about President Trump, then they’re missing the point altogether.

We must move forward with the current agenda. We must defend the President’s pro-America approach even when some of the details seem wrong. Again, I see nothing wrong with criticism, but all too often I see it tear people apart until they become part of the opposition.

No, Mike Pence is not going to swoop in and win the election if President Trump is removed. No, John Kasich or Mitt Romney or Justin Amash or any of the current primary challengers cannot win the general election if they help steal the nomination from the sitting President. Any schemes or overthinking on this topic are bound to fail. President Trump is the only person who can prevent the destruction of America, and as he makes mistakes along the way, we can accept them knowing the alternative is exponentially worse.

The Democrats are our enemy, and the true enemy of our enemy is President Donald J. Trump.

I am proud to be a Trump supporter, not because I believe he is perfect, but because he is the only thing holding back the existential threat of the apocalyptic policies the Democrats want to enact. May God Bless America. We need it.

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