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Rachel McKinnon and the death of women’s sports



Rachel McKinnon and the death of womens sports

When it comes to most athletic competitions, men are better than women. This is why there are very few co-ed competitive sports. Sure, there’s mixed doubles in tennis and similar pairings in other sports, but it only works because each team must have the same number of men and women competing. Biologically, men have more muscle mass, more testosterone, thicker bones, and a skeletal structure that is designed for athletic-style physical activity.

But the extremely powerful transgender movement in the United States and around the world is changing that. Science is pushed aside for the sake of appeasing people’s feelings. There may be no more obvious indicator of the emerging post-truth society that is discombobulating the moral and ethical compasses of our world than the takeover of women’s sports.

The competitive cycling records set recently by biological male Rachel McKinnon will never be broken by a biological woman. Perhaps another biological male will come along, claim the transgender mantle, and break these records. Perhaps McKinnon will break her own records. But there’s a reason she was able to win so easily and shatter records without a problem. As noted before, she’s a biological male.

Transgender female dominates at Masters Track Cycling World Championships, complains how unfair it would be if she were excluded cyclist Rachel McKinnon won a gold medal and set a women’s world record in qualifying at the 2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championships on Saturday in Manchester, England.

McKinnon, a professor of philosophy at the College of Charleston, won the gold medal in the women’s 35-39 sprint category. The BBC reported that McKinnon, a biological male, also set a women’s world record during the qualifying round. She represented Canada in the event.

In an interview about her win, McKinnon told Sky News that even though she has an apparent advantage over some of the other female competitors, it would be unfair to exclude her from competing.

“So, if we want to say, that I believe you’re a woman for all of society, except for this massive central part that is sport, then that’s not fair,” McKinnon insisted.

She isn’t the only transgendered person to win female sporting events and set world records. It’s happening with more frequency. It’s also discouraging young female athletes from even wanting to compete. What’s the point if they know they have no chance?

But the powerful LGBTQ community is calling the shots. All of them. They control the direction of the Democratic Party. They control the direction of Hollywood. They bully companies into making stupid decisions for the sake of being “woke.” And they’re doing this despite an unfathomable alliance between two former foes: conservatives and feminists.

Conservatives have been fighting the battle against LGBTQ superiority for a while. Our fight is righteous as we strive to give everyone equal opportunities in all things. But that’s not good enough for LGBTQ activists. Their powerful lobby on public affairs seeks to grant superior rights and protections to their members.

McKinnon is no exception. If she decided tomorrow that she’s done tearing down women’s cycling records and wanted to compete against men, nobody would stop her. But if a man wanted to compete in women’s sports, everyone would cry foul unless they also claimed gender dysphoria as McKinnon has. In that case, nobody would stand in his-her way.

This point can’t be repeated enough: it’s superiority, not equality that they seek.

Rachel McKinnon and other transgender athletes represent the death of women’s sports. As the number of transgendered people rises, so too will the push for biological men to compete against biological women. There is too much money in sports and too much emphasis on winning for this to not be an inevitability. And as feminists are pointing out, they’re losing the battle for equality at the hands of progressives, not conservatives.

If sanity and fair play are ever allowed to return to sports, historians will look back at today’s athletic dysfunction with a smirk of confusion or sneer of sadness. They’ll wonder why the masses were conned into accepting such a blatant imbalance as normalcy.

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