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Dear Lindsey Graham: Subpoena Spygate conspirators or step aside



Dear Lindsey Graham Subpoena Spygate conspirators or step aside

As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Lindsey Graham has great power in oversight and holding the intelligence community “Deep State” accountable for their actions. The most egregious abuse of their power seems to have happened over the last three years as Spygate has delivered a ton of evidence that brings into question a slew of laws that were likely broken in their pursuit of removing President Trump through the Russia investigation.

Graham could bring people like John Brennan, James Comey James Clapper, and other alleged conspirators to testify in front of the Senate and the American people. He has that power. It is unambiguous and essentially beyond reproach. But he hasn’t. Instead, he has made a habit of talking big and making promises while continuing to act as a Deep State patsy. His neoconservative leanings aside, there is no good argument for him not to take action through his committee unless he really is part of the cabal.

It’s too early to make such serious accusations, but even his fellow Senators are starting to question his inaction. Senator Rand Paul went on Tucker Carlson to lambaste the Deep State and question Graham’s motives for not acting despite having both the power and responsibility to do so.

If this is just a matter of him not wanting to get his hands dirty against his cohorts in the intelligence community, then he must step aside and let someone else lead the fight. Whatever dirt they have on him (and if anyone has dirt on him, it’s the Deep State), he needs to wash his hands of the mess and allow someone with more courage and less leverage against them to pick up the mantle as Chairman. He owes it to the American people to let the truth come to light.

Some may argue that he won’t do it because he is against the President’s foreign policy decisions, particularly the Syria move that he has blasted for weeks. But his inaction predates the Syrian withdrawal, which tells us it’s not just adamant disagreement with the President that’s forcing him to sit on his hands over Spygate. As much as I loathe most conspiracy theories, the subject of fighting the Deep State is near to my heart, just as it is for Senator Paul.

There is no other option. Lindsey Graham needs to do his job of oversight by exposing those responsible for Spygate. His inaction is indefensible. Either start sending subpoenas or step aside and let someone else get the job done.

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