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Leftist Drudge Report hops on Mitt Romney impeachment train



Leftist Drudge Report hops on Mitt Romney impeachment train

For those who haven’t noticed, Drudge Report is no longer the bastion for pro-Trump, conservative news. Matt Drudge has turned it into a full-blown anti-Trump, pro-Democrat site that embraces Bernie Sanders, defends Tulsi Gabbard, occasionally acts Andrew Yang-curious, and pumps up Pete Buttigieg as someone even the right should consider. This once-proud news aggregator which broke the Monica Lewinksi scandal has devolved since 2017 to become part of the pseudo-right.

You may look at the homepage screenshot above and think, “He’s just reporting the news about Romney, which doesn’t necessarily mean he’s endorsing it.” If you think this, you haven’t been paying attention. My cohort who wrote the article linked above may have had this revelation about Drudge recently, but I’ve been watching the site for ages. I used to do so to see what was happening in the conservative sphere, but since shortly after the 2016 election I watched as it systematically shifted from pro-Trump to lukewarm-Trump. Then it started getting critical of Trump in 2017 before becoming full-blown anti-Trump, anti-Republicans, and definitely anti-conservative.

No, the reason he’s highlighting an Atlantic story about Romney is because he embraces Romney’s message of taking down the President. I’m not sure if he actually likes Romney, who even as a RINO may be much more conservative than Matt Drudge likes, but the enemy of his enemy is his friend. Drudge hates Trump. Romney hates Trump. Therefore, Romney is Drudge’s ally.

The timing of the revelation couldn’t have come at a worse time for Drudge’s narrative as Romney’s attacks on the President have been overshadowed by revelations he keeps a separate Twitter account under the ridiculous name Pierre Delecto.

But even as Romney is getting lampooned, Drudge is still promoting the anti-Trump narrative. I’ve started asking around to see the validity of a conspiracy theory I heard that he was never really a Trump fan, but because he thought Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton, he pumped up Trump through the primaries and continued supporting him until he won. One even mentioned that the Clintons or someone else (multiple people mentioned George Soros) may now have dirt on Drudge and are turning him to the dark side.

It doesn’t matter to me what motivates his change of heart. He’s now part of the enemy. Some may wonder why I visit the site still. I don’t recommend it to others, but as a student of opposition perspectives as part of my role in journalism, I often read progressive articles. It’s important to know what the opposition is saying to help craft what we, as conservatives, should be saying. But if you’re not a journalist. it’s time to abandon Drudge.

There are plenty of alternatives, including my two favorites, The Liberty Daily and Whatfinger.

If you like Mitt Romney, Max Boot, Joe Walsh, and the NeverTrumpers at The Bulwark, Drudge Report is for you. If you love America and support President Trump, for the love of everything patriotic please STOP visiting Drudge.

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