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Identity politics squared: Liz Warren wants transgender illegal aliens released upon arrival



Identity politics collision Liz Warren wants transgender illegal aliens released upon arrival

We’ve all seen our fair share of identity politics raging throughout the Democratic presidential nomination battle. As the woke try to out-woke their equally-woke opponents, we get to watch them bounce back and forth between the various facets of identity politics while slipping in a socialist agenda and sprinkling in impeachment talk. It gets tiring. We need variety. This is where Elizabeth Warren came in. She took two intersectional aspects of Democratic politics – transgenderism and illegal immigration – and combined them to form an identity politics PBJ.

What Warren is proposing if for transgender illegal immigrants to bypass standard detention protocols and go straight to instant release. She believes their safety is more important than the safety of American citizens, so releasing them to the interior no-questions-asked is the ideal solution to make her as woke as possible. Moreover, she wants the President to end his policy of having asylum seekers wait for their hearing in Mexico. It’s just too dangerous down there, you know.

And therein lies the contradiction. If living among fellow migrants is too dangerous, it’s because there are dangerous people among the migrants. So… her solution is to bring them all here where they’ll somehow become less dangerous? Nope. That’s idiotic.

Conservatives and the President do not want asylum seekers harmed. But if there’s going to be foul play, it shouldn’t be on our side of the border. As the left often says, transgendered people are endangered here in America. They’re persecuted! They need protection! That being the case, why would Warren want to force them to be released to the interior of a nation that she considers to be so dangerous for transgendered people? Again, her logic is flawed.

As Democrats contemplate who they want to nominate to take on the President, Warren continues to rise in the polls. I, for one, would love for that to happen. It’s been nearly three years since we saw the President take down an unhinged opponent.

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