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Elizabeth Warren admits she doesn’t have a plan to pay for Medicare-for-All



Elizabeth Warren admits she doesnt have a plan to pay for Medicare-for-All

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been pushing Medicare-for-All for years. Since launching her presidential campaign earlier this year, she has made Medicare-for-All one of her signature policy proposals. During that time, she’s tenaciously avoided the question of how she’s going to pay for it and whether or not it will include a middle-class tax increase. It has been assumed by many (including me) that she’s just unwilling to acknowledge the huge tax hikes required to partially pay for the $34 trillion healthcare abomination because she fears political repercussions.

As it turns out, we were wrong. She’s actually been avoiding the question of how she’s going to pay for it because she doesn’t actually know how she’s going to pull it off. Seriously.

“What I see though is that we need to talk about the cost and I plan over the next few weeks to put out a plan that talks about, specifically, the cost of Medicare for All and specifically how we pay for it,” the Massachusetts senator said during a campaign stop in Indianola, Iowa.

So, to be clear, she’s saying the Medicare-for-All proposal she’s been promoting for months doesn’t actually have a plan in place to cover the gigantic costs associated with it. She still needs a few weeks to figure that all-important part of the equation out. This should terrify her supporters immensely. Her motto has been she “has a plan for that,” yet on the costliest of her wild proposals she doesn’t actually have a plan on how to cover the bill? It’s like showing up at the fanciest restaurant in town with all of her friends, ordering a huge meal with appetizers, wine, desserts, the works, and then telling everyone with her she still has to figure out how to pay the tab before dinner is done.

No wonder she’s been so evasive about the costs. To paraphrase a line from Top Gun, her ambition is writing checks the taxpayers can’t cash.

Radical progressive Democrats have made Elizabeth Warren the party’s frontrunner based in large part on a $34 trillion proposal. Now, we learn she still needs a few weeks to figure out how to pay for it. Why won’t Democrats realize that’s backwards?

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