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Adam Schiff’s blatant lies, Draconian handling of impeachment show Democrats have nothing



Adam Schiffs blatant lies Draconian handling of impeachment show Democrats have nothing

The narrative surrounding the impeachment inquiry has been changing faster than the regular “shifts” in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Less than a month into it, we’ve already been lied to on multiple occasions, given conflicting reports on the whistleblower(s?), and witnessed a single person orchestrating a dumpster fire with the finesse of a wild boar in heat. Representative Adam Schiff took the reins of the impeachment inquiry from Representative Jerry Nadler as soon as it (technically never) officially started for a very important reason.

Only someone as corrupt as Schiff could handle it without suffering a nervous breakdown from all of the subterfuge he has to use.

It all started with an unfortunate “reading” of the Trump-Zelensky transcript before Congress when he famously made up details in order to paint it as a mob-style shakedown. Even Democrats were shaking their heads in disbelief as he satirized his reading for dramatic effect, something one clearly should not do when addressing Congress and the American people. There is likely a large percentage of people who heard his parody reading who think the President actually said those words.

Then, it really turned south for Democrats and Schiff when it was revealed he blatantly lied to the American people on multiple occasions by saying he didn’t even know the identity of the whistleblower. We learned later that he not only knew who the whistleblower was but even spoke with him before the whistleblower filed his complaint.

Over the past couple of weeks, Schiff has turned the inquiry into an absolute circus by interviewing witnesses in the confines of his own private hearings, leaking only what he considered to be against the President and hiding the many exonerating statements from the testimony because, allegedly, he didn’t want witnesses hearing each other’s stories before testifying. This is another bald-faced lie as the incidents in question are not related. This is all about controlling the narrative.

As Republicans demand transparency, progressive mainstream media continues their drumbeat of impeaching the President in the court of public opinion, a carryover from their previous attempts for two years during the Mueller investigation.

When we look at the circumstances as a whole, lucid observers can come to only one conclusion: The Democrats have absolutely nothing. They’ve pushed another impeachment narrative that carries no constitutional weight. But they also realize if they can come across as having something, their game of impeachment charades will be disseminated by progressive mainstream media as holding more water than it actually does.

This is an election play, not an impeachment play. They’re not trying to impeach the President for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” They’re trying to make the President look bad in hopes he or members of the administration will do or say something unhinged. This is 100% Kabuki Theatre for political and election purposes. And Adam Schiff is the right man for the job.

They have nothing and they know it.

But they also know their cheerleaders in the media will echo their sentiment, truth be damned.

None of this would be possible if the truth could be disseminated more widely. This, more than anything else, is why it’s imperative that America-loving patriots donate to NOQ Report to help us get the word out to the masses.

At the very, very least, Adam Schiff should be censured for his lies and improper handling of the impeachment inquiry. In reality, he should be removed from his position. If justice prevailed, he would be charged with crimes.

This is a game that is clearly designed to play on the ignorance of the American voter. They have no hopes of actually impeaching the President, so they’re playing the propaganda game through their media proxies. It’s a debacle.

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