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House GOP call for resignation of House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff



House Freedom Caucus chair Andy Biggs says he has 173 Republicans ready to vote in favor of censuring Representative Adam Schiff over his improper handling of the impeachment investigation against President Trump. He cited Schiff’s fictional depiction of the conversation President Trump had with Ukrainian President Zelensky, framing it to make President Trump sound like a mob boss.

Also cited is the lies told by Schiff about speaking to the whistleblower. After repeatedly claiming he didn’t even know who the whistleblower was, it was discovered Schiff actually met with the whistleblower before the report was filed, prompting speculation Schiff’s team participated in crafting the complaint and getting it pushed through despite having no first-hand knowledge of the incidents in question.

Adam Schiff has become the face of the Democratic Party’s penchant for corruption. His lies are whoppers, following the Nazi strategy of “The Big Lie” to deceive the American people. Impeachment is quickly becoming a dumpster fire.

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