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Hillary Clinton’s attack on Tulsi Gabbard was meant to distract from email scandal



Hillary Clintons attack on Tulsi Gabbard was meant to distract from email scandal

Hillary Clinton is in the news. Just search for her by name on your favorite search engine and you’re certain to see how she attacked Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein. She made an outrageous statement about them being controlled by Russia, a comment so asinine that even President Trump had to condemn the attack on someone who wants to replace him.

What you won’t find unless you move on to page two of the search results was the real Clinton blockbuster news, the fact that an investigation into her illegal private email server in use during her time as Secretary of State resulted in nearly 600 violations with at least 38 people committing them.

State Department Completes Its Investigation Into Hillary’s Email Server: Found 588 Violations Clinton’s email fiasco remains a topic of conversation. She might have thought it was blown out of proportion, but she certainly didn’t help neutralize its main concern. Clinton used a home-based server for all official business while serving as secretary of state under Obama. It wasn’t secure. It was unauthorized. And she might have mishandled classified information. In 2016, as the Democratic Party’s nominee, this is a story. It was one that killed her numbers with voters. Her endless stream of lies about it also poured fuel on the fire. She said that she had gone to State Department officials for approval and that they signed off on it.

Not true, as stated in the State Department inspector general’s report at the time. Either way, the whole controversy rehashed many of the criticisms that plagued the power couple during Bill Clinton’s presidency, that being the two are secretive and they think the rules don’t apply to them. Hillary eventually decided to do the one thing that ensures non-stop talk about the server: she nixed doing press conferences.

Now, the State Department has finally concluded their review, where they cite 588 violations by 38 people.

Some assumed her attacks were either to help another candidate or to weasel her way into the race herself. We can debunk the first theory as ludicrous; Hillary Clinton doesn’t help anyone but herself. As for the second theory, she’s too shrewd to attack a lower-tier candidate as her way to get into the conversation. She would have hit Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, or Kamala Harris if she wanted to launch her third failed bid.

This was simply a distraction, pure and simple. She couldn’t care less about Tulsi Gabbard. She wanted to make sure that conversations about her in the media had nothing to do with email server violations. The media dutifully complied.

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