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The Epoch Times: How the anti-communist newspaper became an American necessity



The Epoch Times How the anti-communist newspaper became an American necessity

“Truth and Tradition.” This isn’t just a motto. It’s the way The Epoch Times operates on a daily basis. It’s also one of the reasons this news outlet has exploded in America and in 34 other countries despite being less than two decades old. But there’s one country in which you will never find a printed paper or access to their website. In Communist China, The Epoch Times is forbidden.

This is part of a new series on NOQ Report called “News for Patriots” that seeks to highlight media outlets who are fighting against the fake news mainstream media propaganda industry. Just as we strive to do, the outlets we highlight here are important for patriots to read, watch, and support. As mainstream outlets become increasingly anti-American, these news sources help us stand our ground against false narratives and diabolical agendas within corporate, biased media.

Founded in Atlanta in 2000 by Chinese Americans who had fled Communist China following a crackdown on Falun Gong, the paper quickly spread. It was international by 2003 and built a reputation as fearless reporters exposing communist propaganda that was being disseminated around the globe. This fearlessness came at a price as reporters in mainland China were arrested and jailed. Today, they still cover China from the relative safety of Hong Kong, but there are still great risks as Beijing’s reach goes well beyond the Chinese borders.

“The Epoch Times strives to revive the best in traditional journalism,” said publisher Stephen Gregory. “Our motto is ‘truth and tradition.’ We deliver fact-based reporting free of the agendas that distort so much of journalism these days and seek to be non-partisan.”

The site has built a reputation in America as being staunchly pro-Trump, but this assessment is a bit skewed. They are fair to President Trump with a focus on the truth. As mainstream media continues to beat their drums of anti-Trump propaganda, any other publication that isn’t beating those drums with them is anathema in their eyes. The Epoch Times reports the truth about President Trump, and unfortunately for the Democrats and their media sycophants, the truth paints the President in a very positive light.

Their adherence to truth makes them instantly opposed by progressives who believe in forming a post-truth society. But just because the publication adheres to truth doesn’t necessarily mean they’re engaged with conservatism. This is where the “tradition” component of their reporting comes into play.

“We also report on the healthy aspects of traditional viewpoints, in the United States and around the world,” Gregory continued. “Readers sense a difference in us, often writing to tell us that we are a breath of fresh air, or what they remember newspapers to have been like in days gone by.”

Tradition and conservatism are closely related, and while The Epoch Times is non-partisan, their reporting clearly stems from an adherence to the same sense of tradition that drives a conservative political agenda. If it isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it.

In other words, this is not a “pro-Republican” or “anti-Democrat” publication. It obeys the tenets of truth and tradition while being adamantly opposed to the spread of communist ideologies. In that regard, it’s easy to see why many progressives view it as just another pro-Trump news outlet. American conservatives tend to value truth and tradition while opposing radical communist ideas. Therefore, The Epoch Times is conservative by virtue of its very nature as a publication.

Their formula for disseminated the news is clearly working.

“We are the fastest growing newspaper in the United States, and we don’t see this growth stopping anytime soon,” said Gregory. “There is a hunger out there for news that reports honestly, especially on President Donald Trump and conservative politicians.”

As more Americans grow tired of the anti-conservative, anti-Republican, and anti-Trump propaganda that spews forth from mainstream media, The Epoch Times is emerging as one of the most important and honest news outlets available.

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