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Elizabeth Warren is winning because she knows her voters despise facts and details



Elizabeth Warren is winning because she knows her voters despise facts and details

I had a boss in decades past who was partially deaf and impatient. He didn’t want to hear long stories when we’d tell him about our needs, and would often invoke the phrase, “Give me the baby,” meaning he didn’t want a long delivery process. He wanted us to get to the point. The details were irrelevant to him.

That’s the general status of the Democratic Party, at least those who support the current frontrunner, Elizabeth Warren. They don’t want to hear HOW she intends to get the vast amounts of money she’ll need to pay for even some of her bold promises if she becomes President. All they want to hear is that she thinks she can do it, mathematics be damned. All they need to know is that she wants a wealth tax, and it’s a lot of money, and in the end they’ll have health insurance if they’re among the small percentage of people who don’t have it (even though many don’t have it by choice). So, what does that math look like?

It’s an extremely sad testament to the radical progressive wing of the Democratic Party that the signature proposal for their current favorite candidate is hidden behind a smokescreen of misdirection and subterfuge.

Ask her how she’s going to pay for it. Ask her if middle class taxes will go up. Her responses have not been yes-or-no answers as acknowledging what everyone other than the sheep that bow to her already know will speak truth to power, something she definitely wants to avoid. But after months of pressure and a poor debate performance, it seems she’s finally willing to release… something.

Warren says she will soon release plan to fund ‘Medicare for All’ presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said Sunday that she will soon release a plan detailing how to pay for “Medicare for All” after facing criticism from some of her 2020 rivals for declining to get into specifics about how her health care plan would be funded.

“What I see though is that we need to talk about the cost and I plan over the next few weeks to put out a plan that talks about, specifically, the cost of Medicare for All and specifically how we pay for it,” the Massachusetts senator said during a campaign stop in Indianola, Iowa.

This goes against the narrative her campaign has been putting out from the beginning, and with good reason. They know their party and the voters within it extremely well. This knowledge has told them the path to winning the nomination is to obfuscate on important details such as how to come up with $34 trillion over ten years to pay for Medicare-for-All on top of the multitude of eclectic pipe dreams she’s also selling on the campaign rail.

Now that she’s allegedly going to release a financial plan surrounding her proposal, expect one of two things to happen. The most likely scenario is that her “plan to pay for it” will be more misdirection and subterfuge. She’ll speak in generalities most of the time, and when there are actual numbers discussed, she’ll use best-case-scenarios. The other scenario is that she’ll release the plan with details. It will receive some good press but mostly bad press because the numbers are THAT outrageous. Then, her polling numbers will fall.

Warren is smart enough to know if she tells the truth about how she plans on paying for Medicare-for-All, her support will dry up. But what’s worse: A politician who hides the ugly facts or radical progressive voters who don’t want to hear the facts?

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