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Will Texas become a blue state?



If you listen to mainstream media, you’ve probably heard multiple times over the last few months that Texas may turn blue in the next election. That’s been a drumbeat by the left for a while as an influx of people escaping California and the rising Hispanic population is supposed to mean more Democrats in the Lone Star State.

The first piece of their puzzle is true. As Californians realize their state’s policies and cost of living are untenable, more of them turn to Texas where they bring their generally progressive views. But assuming that Hispanics are going to vote Democrat is false. Studies and polls show an increased preference for Republican policies, including the border and illegal immigration policies that are allegedly turning Hispanics off.

Laura Ingraham tackled the topic last night after the President had a massive rally in Dallas. She and her panel made important points that make sense as the idea of Texas turning blue seems more like a leftist pipe dream than a real risk.

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