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Technocracy: I never voted for this, did you?



There are two important takeaways from this video. The first is the content of the video itself, which points to the rising technocracy in America and the world. Technocrats generally acquire their “expert” status because they have the money to say, “I’m an expert on ______.” For example, Microsoft co-founder and geek-idol billionaire Bill Gates is an expert on… wait for it… climate change. Why? Because he donates enough money to climate change studies and charities.

We don’t vote for technocrats. They’re often given control over bureaucratic decisions through connections and recommendations to the executive branch. But in many cases, as with Gates or our favorite climate change technocrat, Al Gore, they’re given power to start initiatives that are co-opted by the government after the fact. Technocratic control over policies and initiatives is a much bigger problem than most realize.

The second takeaway from the video is the platform itself, Bitchute. I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard much about the platform until recently when I noticed more and more people I respect using it. Truthstream Media, who made this video, has been all over YouTube for years with half-a-million subscribers. But they’ve fallen victim, as so many have, to YouTube’s higher sensibilities about, well, everything. They get much less exposure on YouTube than they deserve, and this is the first “Bitchute Exclusive” video they’ve released.

As more freedom-loving patriots shift away from the overlords in big tech to find free-speech-friendly alternatives, we’re faced with a crossroads. Giants like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have de facto monopolies over extremely important components of our digital experience. It’s important for more people who value liberty to make the transition, which is why we will be launching our own Bitchute channel once we return to video production by the end of this year.

It’s ironic that the first Bitchute-exclusive video by Truthstream Media is about the growing threat of the emerging technocracy because many technocrats are or were in big tech. This is a double entendre in defense of freedom.

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