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The 5 biggest lies from the Democrat debate



Liz Wheeler and her production team took on a very difficult task. They sifted through over three hours from the Democratic debate this week in an effort to try to identify the five biggest lies told on stage that night. We should applaud their Herculean efforts; it must have been like trying to determine which types of vegetables taste the worst when they’re spoiled. There aren’t enough Pinocchio images on the internet to cover all of the lies told at the debate.

Undaunted, the team at One America News show Tipping Point took on the challenge and came up with a list of five infuriating lies told on the debate stage Tuesday night.

  1. Elizabeth Warren’s big lie came through omission as she refused to answer the yes-or-no question about raising middle class taxes. This was around the 500th time she’s done this (we lost count at 342), choosing to redirect her answer to focus on “costs” rather than taxes.
  2. Cory Booker, Julian Castro, and Kamala Harris claimed abortion is a constitutional right. It is not. Even the majority brief from the Supreme Court admitted this in their ruling on Roe v. Wade.
  3. Beto O’Rourke pretended like his proposal for confiscation of “assault rifles” would not mean law enforcement will come to people’s homes to collect their firearms. His claim that law-abiding citizens will comply is not only false, it’s also a scary prospect. If law abiding citizens are the only ones forced to comply, what about criminals? They aren’t known for abiding by laws, especially ones that prevent them from committing their crimes.
  4. Elizabeth Warren made it on the list a second time with her claim that the wealth tax would pay for a myriad of socialist policies she intends to implement. This would be true if it weren’t for math. Unfortunately for her (and everyone else if she gets elected), the wealthy simply don’t have enough money to tax in a way that would pay for her plans. Moreover, every time a wealth tax has been tried elsewhere, it has failed miserably. But hey, at least she takes a lot of selfies.
  5. Impeachment. This is the ongoing lie of the day for both media and Democrats. All 12 candidates on stage supported impeachment (though Tulsi Gabbard was clear she only supported it if the House Democrats made a proper case for it), but only Bernie Sanders actually gave a reason why. Even his singular reasoning was false, though.

I’ll add another for the list – Kamala Harris kept saying, “When I’m President…” This is a big lie. It’s doubtful she even believes it herself judging by the direction she’s been heading in the polls.

There were enough lies told in the last Democratic debate to fill three hours of television, which is exactly what CNN did. Thanks to Liz Warren and the folks at One America News, we now know the five biggest one.

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